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 Poppy Rose-Darling

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Poppy Rose-Darling
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Second Year
Poppy Rose-Darling

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PostSubject: Poppy Rose-Darling   Poppy Rose-Darling EmptyThu Mar 26, 2015 2:51 pm

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Full Name: Poppy Rose-Darling
Gender: Female
Birthday:14 April 2020
Age: Eleven
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
Nationality: Welsh/British
School Attending: Hogwarts

Poppy Rose-Darling 9qbsdu

Family: Poppy Rose-Darling is a 11 year old witch from a long line of Pureblood wizards and witches. Her father, Claudio Rose, an ex-Ravenclaw now works at the Ministry as a member of the Wizengamot. Her mother, Amarillys Darling, (ex-Gryffindor) has no nieces or nephews and therefore asked her husband to give their children doubled surnames to not have her pretty Pureblood surname die out. She is a fashion designer that specialises in modern clothing for both witches and wizards which are just 'normal' enough to be worn in Muggle surroundings without drawing (too much) attention.

Poppy has an elder brother Fidelio, who is now twenty years old. He's an ex-Slytherin and works at J. Pippin's Potions store since a year after he graduated. Despite being a Slytherin he would have just as easily fitted in Ravenclaw if he hadn't been as lazy as he is.

History: Poppy was born ten years after her older brother who went to Hogwarts before her. Her family was a mixture of the houses, with her parents from Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, and her older brother in Slytherin. Her aunts, uncles and cousins have been scattered over the houses just the same.

Poppy’s family has lived in Wales for generations and she speaks Welsh fluently. Before she came to Hogwarts she was home schooled to learn basics and control her powers. She had friends in her neighbourhood both Muggles and other wizards, there were some magical families around which  were their friends and they knew each other well.
Because her brother is ten years older she missed him most of her life. When she was one he left for Hogwarts so until her eight year she has only seen him during school holidays. She loves him to death and misses him constantly, but she has been looking forward to going to Hogwarts because he grew up well and happy at that school.

Now as a first year at Hogwarts Poppy tends to seek out people that are quiet and seem in need of a friend. Most of her year and house mates she likes and at the moment she views everyone as a friend. She focusses a lot on performing well in school, and now that she’s feeling that she’s starting to cope well with the level she tries to find someone she can really get to know.

Poppy Rose-Darling 1zecfhc

Appearance: To the eye Poppy seems like a very pretty, but not too bright girl. She’s quite petite and speaks either too softly or too high pitched while her rather large shaped mouth might suggest otherwise.
Now that she is nearly twelve she is starting to grow slowly but stands just at 4 foot 8 inches. She has blue-green eyes and her mouse blonde hair turns a bit lighter because of the sun, but since Scotland does not have the most sunniest of climates this is rarely noticed. When not wearing a school uniform (which is always in impeccable state) she likes to wear skirts and dresses with florals or animal prints. Her hair is usually divided in either pig tails or plaits and parts in the middle.

Personality: A very friendly and trustworthy person, Poppy is the definition of a Hufflepuff. Hardworking, kind, selfless and patient are just a few words that perfectly describe Poppy when asking a teacher. However, despite her many good qualities and definitely her good intentions, she is not the brightest witch around and more often than not misses the point in a lot of things. She is all about the simple things in life, the outside world, nature and animals, but not if it involves a lot of technical stuff which she always messes up. Luckily, her love of simple things make her easy to please and she would never hurt anyone. On the contrary, Poppy is someone who would happily go out of her own way to help someone, dropped your books? Poppy is on the floor helping you pick them up, forgot your potions ingredients kit? She will happily split the contents of her own (if she didn’t forget to bring it herself)
Poppy Rose-Darling is really someone who would go over to someone and over congratulate or thank someone but because of her simple (although pleasant) nature it does not look like she is mocking you. Helping others (feel good about themselves) is just a second nature to her.
Despite what people assume though, Poppy knows that she is no genius and she tries really hard to keep up with all other witches and wizards in her class. She is a terribly hard worker and overall (due to her persistence) a pretty okay student (just below average) since she spends hours and hours on her homework. Then again, she is probably not the best homework buddy since she is distracted very easily and takes forever to write something down, as her handwriting is something she is super proud of and tries to keep a nice as possible. Whenever you catch Poppy outside or at a table looking up from her homework she’s probably thinking something over and over trying to understand it, while she smiles as if she has no knowledge of all the worlds troubles.

Poppy Rose-Darling Nbt8xd

The grounds were Poppy's current hangout place for basically everything except sleeping. She would even sleep here if she had been allowed, but unfortunately she had to sleep in the Hufflepuff common room every night otherwise Professor Sprout would drag her back to the common room herself.
Right now she wasn't sleeping outside though, she was trying to master a certain spell that she had just learned during Transfiguration, but she just couldn't manage it. It was supposed to transform a small animal into a water goblet, but the snail that she had found outside looked as much a goblet as the giant squid.

Despite having struggles with her magic, she loved Hogwarts. Of course she did miss her family, all three of them equally, but Hogwarts was just the best school ever and she could never be homesick for long.
Since it was already April the weather wasn't all that bad yet and Poppy had gone outside to enjoy the last rays of sunlight. It was still before dinner, so she wouldn’t have to be afraid that she’d be out too late and get caught by a Prefect or Professor.

Gripping her wand tight, clearly frustrated, Poppy tried to contain her outbursts as yet again the snail remained in the shape of a snail. It didn't matter how hard she tried, or at least it seemed to be so, but her spell did nothing. It had been so bad that the professor had asked her to come after class and get some extra homework. Which she was going to try doing after she had managed just a slight change in the appearance of the snail.

Face red, fists balled up and hair tousled, Poppy extended her arm once more and pointed her wand at the tiny animal. "Vera Verto!" she yelled, her tiny voice furious. Nothing happened yet again. "Come on!" exclaimed the fourteen year old. "Why won't you do anything?!" she whined.
Before she could give up and throw her wand away, a person appeared behind her, greeting her rather kindly. Poppy recognised her as another Hufflepuff and that she was quite a bit older, a seventh year now by the looks of it.
"It's supposed to turn into a water goblet, but nothing's happening." Poppy explained her frustration to her housemate.
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I've taken the liberty to immediately sort you into Huffepuff, because...come on, her personality.
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Poppy Rose-Darling
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