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Serafina Årud
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Burnt (Closed) Empty
PostSubject: Burnt (Closed)   Burnt (Closed) EmptyThu Mar 26, 2015 5:00 am

It was a cloudy night. The kind of clouds that just loom overhead when something bad is about to happen. The kind of clouds you only see in a horror film. The kind of clouds no one would have never noticed, because they were all fast asleep.

That night, it was particularly cold. Colder than the usual Norway winters. The heat poured out the furnace like the hot summer sun beating down on you in Texas. The house was warm. The family, safe, tucked into their beds so tight.

However, the house wasn't safe. The heat grew stronger, it turned into a flame, smoke billowed out. The shrill sounds of fire alarms filled the silence and woke the family.

Momma was drowsy, she'd taken sleep aide right before bed to help with her insomnia. Daddy helped her to her feet, and drug her to the child's room. He grabbed the crying girl out of the bed and grabbed momma's hand as they ran down the stairs.

Momma tripped, she was exhausted and now, to top it off, she'd hurt her ankle. She made Daddy get the girl out the house and leave her. He did what he was told, hoping to be able to save her, however, as the rounded the corner, the girl, Serafina, watched as her mother was swallowed by flames. She wasn't aware at that moment that her mother was dead and that she'd watched her mother die, but soon, it'd be a realization.

The world was quiet once again as she felt the cool, wet grass on her bare legs. There were sirens far in the distance, but they didn't matter. She watched, as her mother, her home and her bunny, burned to the ground. Soon, there'd be nothing but ash.

The smoke flew high above the tree tops and the water streamed out of the hoses. By the time the firemen had gotten there, there was nothing left to put out. Everything was ash, but protocol was, they had to make sure there were no lit ashes. More sirens filled the air, and strange people swarmed her.

She was in an ambulance, alongside daddy. They both had oxygen masks on, and as the ambulance drove away, the last thing she saw, was what looked like mommy's spirit, waving at her as it vanished into the night sky.

For the next few years, that night haunted her dreams. It'd been her fault momma was dead. If daddy wouldn't had been carrying her, he could've carried momma. That night, was worse than the werewolf incident. That night, is the reason, she will have future problems. That night is a secret. It's the deepest, darkest secret she has ever and will ever hold. No one, other the first response and her and Daddy know. The girl still blames herself. She still has nightmares, she still thinks of momma and talks to her. Most importantly, she still sheds tears, she still hurts and that pain can never be fixed.

Burnt (Closed) Sera3_zpsi8u9dtz5
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Burnt (Closed)
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