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 Hanna Colt (WIP)

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Hanna Kay Colt

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PostSubject: Hanna Colt (WIP)   Hanna Colt (WIP) EmptyMon Mar 23, 2015 10:06 pm

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Hanna Colt

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Full Name: Hanna Kay Colt
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 25, 20?
Age: 11
Blood: Muggleborn
Birth Place: New Mexico, United States
Nationality: Irish and Native American
School Attending: Hogwarts

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Immediate Family: Jane Colt (formerly Glen) 35, Mother; Galloping “Gail” Colt, 40, Father; Benjamin Colt, 7, Brother.

Jane met Gail while studying Anthropology in New Mexico. Gail worked with the local, Native American law enforcement for the reserve that Jane was studying in. Their relationship had a rocky start, both living under false prejudices about the other’s society. Still, Jane was determined to learn as much about the Native American culture as she could, and requested that Gail be her guide. Grudgingly, he accepted with little hope of her actually appreciating anything of value.

Jane disabused him of that notion fairly quickly, finding everything about their culture vastly fascinating. She loved their connection to nature and their rustic but civilized way of life. Slowly, the two grew to respect each other, and even became friends. He loved showing her the little bolt-holes of the land, and teaching her a few old traditional dances.

Their friendship blossomed into love, and after living with them for almost two years, Gail proposed to Jane in their favorite spot under the stars. Despite the welcome Jane had received from the tribe, they didn’t approve of the love between her and Gail. Still, they held fast and decided to move back to Ireland. They were married in a small chapel, attended by Jane’s parents and a few of her close friends.

They both struggled to get their feet beneath them, but thankfully they had the help of family and friends. Shortly before their first anniversary, Jane got a job as an Anthropology professor at a local college, and Gail managed to open a small flower shop. Just over a year after that, they found themselves expecting their first child. It was a rough pregnancy for Jane, and she feared she’d miscarry several times. However, Hanna was born two weeks early at a perfectly healthy weight with no other complications.

History: When Hanna was born, the sky was clear, the stars bright, and the moon full. Despite her father’s heritage, she was born with the fair skin and red hair of her mother’s side.

While in school, a few people made fun of her for her rustic clothing and flashing red hair. She never told her mother about the bullying, preferring to deal with it on her own. Unfortunately, at the tender age of eight and a half, her powers emerged on the playground. Hurt by the many insults thrown her way, Hanna was silently cursing her obnoxious hair and suddenly, it was brown. In full view of several students and a teacher. Terrified, Hanna ran all the way home to her parents where the Headmaster of Hogwarts was already waiting to explain things. Even more terrified of herself after his revelation, Hanna fled up the stairs and into her room, where she stayed for several days. Even at her tender age, she knew she was vulnerable to strong emotions, and was terrified of hurting someone in her anger or fear.

Finding it best to simply take Hanna out of school at that point, Jane and Gail began homeschooling their daughter as best they could. Shortly before Hanna’s eleventh birthday, she received her Hogwarts letter. Ecstatic, she ran to show her parents. More comfortable with her powers at that point, she even managed to entertain her brother with them if she concentrated hard enough, though it exhausted her quickly each time.

When Hanna was nine, she wanted to see how high she could climb and took to the tallest tree she could find. Unfortunately, about 20 feet up, she grabbed onto a dead branch and fell. She broke her leg in two places below her knee and shattered several bones in her foot. Her parents took her to a muggle hospital where they admitted that they could fix the leg but her foot would never be useable again. They gave her two options, fix the leg and leave the foot, or amputate just above the top break in her leg and get a prosthetic. Teary eyed, Hanna chose to amputate.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Appearance: She is what she is. About 4’6”, 95 lbs, and always smiling. She walks with a hop in her step and her hair nearly always in pigtails or braids. She has a prosthetic leg that starts just below her left knee.

Personality: Hanna is a very bubbly person, perpetually happy and a big fan of all things pink and/or floral. She dislikes bullies and those who discriminate based on superficial things like appearance or heritage. While she’s not a very violent person by nature, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty if necessary. True to her Native American side, she loves nature and often spends her free time outdoors. Despite the bullying she received--or maybe because of it--she loves her red hair, and earthy clothing. Her leg is something she’s proud of, and isn’t afraid to explain the story behind it.
She has a penchant for exaggeration, especially when speaking about something she’s particularly passionate about.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

Please provide an example of your role play. This example should be at least 300 words in length and can depict your character in any situation.
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PostSubject: Re: Hanna Colt (WIP)   Hanna Colt (WIP) EmptySat Apr 16, 2016 11:46 pm

This Application will be archived in TWO weeks unless you wish to come back.

Any more than that, it will be deleted.

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Hanna Colt (WIP)
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