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 Not Love Letters (Victoria)

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Oliver Bennett
Head Boy
Head Boy

Posts : 280
Join date : 2014-03-26
Age : 22

My Character
Activity: Hufflepuff - Year 7, Head Boy, Three Broomsticks worker

PostSubject: Not Love Letters (Victoria)   Sat Mar 21, 2015 6:33 am


GREETINGS FROM NORWAY! Dang, everything is beautiful here. There are so many trees, Victoria! So many! Wait. I think i started this letter wrong....

I am sorry for not saying goodbye in person but meeehhhh. I mean, I called and your mom was very nice. How is Anthony, by the way? And Ariel? And Matthew...? Could you check up on him? Just....make sure he doesn't set anything important on fire. I would hate to find out my brother has been expelled!

Okay, but seriously, the trees here in Norway are soooo beautiful, Victoria! So beautiful! I have so many feelings, so many. I may even have to start writing poems about these trees, because they truly are masterpieces.

Anyway, I get it if you're angry with me, but I would appreciate a reply very much. I'd rather have you yell at me and tell me I'm a shit than have you not talk to me at all. : )

Your friend,



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Victoria Campero

Posts : 172
Join date : 2014-01-20
Age : 24

My Character
Activity: Ravenclaw- Year I

PostSubject: Re: Not Love Letters (Victoria)   Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:03 pm

Dear Ollie,

But why did you leave? My mom told me that you called and said you were leaving. But I thought it was a joke! That someone was playing a prank on me or something. And oh my gosh... Norway! It sounds so beautiful. And so far away. But I forgive you for not telling me. I understand that you probably had a lot of packing to do and you needed to say your goodbyes to your family first. So it's ok.

I will miss you! But I am glad that you are happy there. At least you sound very happy. Are you? And if you write poems about trees, send me one! If you are going to grow up to be a famous poet who only ever wrote about trees then I require a copy of your first masterpiece. Oh and make sure that it is singed too. 

Anthony is fine, he is working. He makes it home sometimes to visit us, but that's not very often. He told me that he enjoys his job, which is in itself a miracle and a blessing. So I guess he is happy. So are everyone else. And don't worry about Matthew, I will keep an eye on him. Hopefully, with my supervision, he won't sent anything on fire. Or at least nothing that is too valuable. 

But again, how are you? Have you made any new friends? How are the professors there and the classes? And oh my gosh I bet the library is just beautiful! Tell me everything as soon as you get a change to write again.

Missing you,



Made by the amazing Lucy Malfoy Smile
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Oliver Bennett
Head Boy
Head Boy

Posts : 280
Join date : 2014-03-26
Age : 22

My Character
Activity: Hufflepuff - Year 7, Head Boy, Three Broomsticks worker

PostSubject: Re: Not Love Letters (Victoria)   Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:50 pm


You replied! : D

I left for many reasons, but mostly the experience. I mean, Durmstrang is so different from Hogwarts, I think they shouldn't even be in the same category. But, did you know Durmstrang taught Dark Arts? I say taught because according to some guy the class was banned. I can't remember why or how, because I learned it a Norwegian Culture meeting a few days ago. Oh! And, oh my gosh, I need to rant about this! Almost every single young student - I'm talkingb about 11-13 year olds - is sooooooo snobby and ridiculousy spoiled. I mean, they literally think they are better than everyone else. The kid who organized the Culture meeting isn't very chill, he's more or less as bratty as everyone else. This older guy - the one who told me about the dark arts - made some suggestions and the organizer called him AND Germany the Douchy of Assland, and Assland. Please! The little guy cannot be more than 12! And the older guy just took the blows! He retaliated a bit, but overall he just took them. I was a bit disappointed, really, because that was just RUDE. And everyone is like that! Everyone! D:

Yes, packing. That was a load of fun. LIES, IT WAS BORING! The sorting was cool, though. I got sorted with all the first years, so as you cam imagine there wasn't any difference in height or body mass : ) But, I got sorted into Folkvang, which is the house of the brave or something along those lines. And, I'm relatively happy. On accasions I have something really, really amazing to tel you or Matthew and then I remember I won't see you at lunch and that makes me quite sad, to be honest. But, I can sometimes tell Martha-Louise. Oh! I haven't tols you about her! She's a girl I met on my first few days, very pretty and very American. She's pretty cool, so I like her a lot. Probably my one and only friend here. And, I will take lots and lots of pictures of the trees, and write lots of poems, and send them to you! If you want them signed you're gonna have to hand over 10 galleons.

But, how are you? I mean, from the time I asled you in the last letter until now? : P What does Anthony do again? Curse breaker? I'm glad he enoys it, though! And have you decided on a career? Please don't quit school, it is your last year! Thanks for keeping an eye on my brother, he was pretty...um, hurt when I left him. I miss him a lot, but I haven't worked up the nerve to write to him yet. I definitely want to, though. Actually, don't hit me but I haven't been to the library yet. I've been exploring outside that the library doesn't sound very appealing at the moment! And how are YOUR classes? And your friends?

Always missing you,



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PostSubject: Re: Not Love Letters (Victoria)   

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Not Love Letters (Victoria)
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