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 For the Revolution (Closed/One Shot)

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For the Revolution (Closed/One Shot) Empty
PostSubject: For the Revolution (Closed/One Shot)   For the Revolution (Closed/One Shot) EmptyTue Feb 24, 2015 8:54 pm

(OOC: This takes place during the Summer between Ari's 3-4 year.)

Ari was excited for this summer term. She was going to spend it all with her Aunt Evelyn. And that was always what she did during the summer. Maybe she would make time for Matthew, but it didn't sound promising. She skipped off the train, waving bye to Matthew, and then over to her Aunt Evelyn, but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the look in her face. She looked sad and disappointed. Ari could immediately since that something was wrong. But everything should be right, Ari was there, and everything was perfect. Ari just couldn't wrap her head around it.

She got into Aunt Evelyn's car and said, "I have something to say to you darling." Uh-oh... Ari didn't know if she was in trouble or not. Aunt Evelyn didn't sound like it, but it still scared Ari. Ari asked, "What is it? Are mum and dad ok?" Not that Ari would care, they barley paid attention to her as it was, it was just a conversation starter. Aunt Evelyn replied, "Yes, there fine. This is about me. You see, I'm thinking about traveling. What would you think about that?" Ari smiled and said, "That would be fun! Where would we go!?" Ari noticed Aunt Evelyn gripping the steering wheel of the car tightly. Aunt Evelyn said, "I'm thinking about going by myself. Without you."

Ari's world stopped. She couldn't comprehend that Aunt Evelyn didn't want her. Her head started spinning. She asked, "W-What am I going to do then?" Ari started twiddling her thumbs, and occasionally twirling her hair nervously. Ari then asked, "Y-you're leaving me?" Aunt Evelyn said, "No Ari sweetie, I'm not leaving you. I'm just going on vacation." Ari replied, "We always have vacation together! Mum and Dad never pay attention to me! You know that!" Aunt Evelyn looked down and said, "I know sweetie, but I need this time for myself. And I promise that when I'm done traveling, I'll come right back home to be with you." Ari shook her head and said, "NO YOU'RE LEAVING ME. ABANDONING ME."

Aunt Evelyn sighed and said, "Sweetie. I'm not leaving or abandoning you. I promise. I'll be back, and you can write me, and I'll write you back. It will be like I've never left." Ari had tears falling down her face. She said, "I won't let you leave." Aunt Evelyn replied, "Sweetie, my love, I can't be here forever. I'm leaving and that's final." Ari stubbornly crossed her arms and said, "Fine. Don't expect me to talk to you then." Aunt Evelyn rolled her eyes, and they drove the rest of the way home in silence.

As promised, Aunt Evelyn had packed her bags as soon as they got to the Ireland home. Ari still didn't say a word, or goodbye. But Ari felt that was a mistake. As soon as Aunt Evelyn pulled out of the driveway, Ari ran and knew exactly where she was going. The airport. Ari ran there as fast as she could. She looked for a middle aged woman with red vibrant hair that looked like Ari's, but the airport was wayyy to crowded. It was then that Ari recognized her luggage. Ari ran to it, and saw the luggage tag. Evelyn Davidson. Ari's mother's maiden name.

She followed the luggage, ran after it until she spotted Evelyn past the security gate. She tried to sneak past it, but instantly got caught. She looked up and the security guard was looking right at her. Ari said, "I'm trying to get to my Aunt, just over there. I didn't get to say goodbye to her! Please let me!" Ari gave her the most biggest puppy dog eyes she could manage. The officer nodded and called Aunt Evelyn over. Aunt Evelyn walked over to Ari and looked rather upset. She said, "Ariadne." Ariadne. Hearing it come from Aunt Evelyn's mouth felt like a disease. Aunt Evelyn just called her Ari. Like everyone else.

Aunt Evelyn asked, "What do you want? I thought you weren't talking to me sweetie." Ari replied, "I-I just wanted to say goodbye, and have a nice trip." Aunt Evelyn sighed and hugged Ari. But it wasn't the tight comforting hug she was used to when she hugged Aunt Evelyn. The one who loved her. The one who taught her so much and gave her so much love when her parents where incapable of doing the same. Ari new something had changed. Something was incredibly wrong. She decided to do something about it. Something that would make others pay attention to her. Something that would force Aunt Evelyn (if she could be called an Aunt anymore). Ari decided to go on a rebellion. A rebellion that would change the way people looked at her. A way people wouldn't ever abandon her again.

(OOC: Ari will now only speak via Whiteboard)

For the Revolution (Closed/One Shot) 16218103750_0f3466a5ca_o

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For the Revolution (Closed/One Shot)
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