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 Valko Hristov - Adult

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Valko Hristov
Valko Hristov

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Activity: Folkvang Alumni, Transfiguration Professor

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PostSubject: Valko Hristov - Adult   Valko Hristov - Adult EmptyFri Feb 13, 2015 9:33 am

Valko Hristov - Adult 2m7urmw

Valko Hristov - Adult Craig_roberts
Valko Kaden Hristov
Valko Hristov - Adult 19s5f8

Full Name: Valko Kaden Hristov
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 29th, 2004
Age: 28
Blood: Halfblood
Birth Place: Sofia, Bulgaria
Nationality: Bulgarian
Current Residence: Norway

Valko Hristov - Adult 9qbsdu

Mother - Ivana Hristova - Muggle, housewife, 53 years old
Father - Andon Hristov - Mazzologist/Potioner, 57 years old
Brother - Mitre Hristov - Auror, 30 years old
Daughter - Dana Hristova - 9 years old
Eliza Ramos - Ex Girlfriend - Spanish Ministry of Magic worker (exact position is not known), 27 years old

Valko was born on a leap year, which made his family celebrate his birthday on February 28th instead. Every year until his 13th birthday, his father would give him a pheonix feather, which Valko would keep for a few months and later find it had gone missing, so he has always suspected his father kept registing the same exact feather. He grew up with too many cousins and not enough siblings. He went to school with about a third of them, too, as Valko's mother has a big family (3 sisters and 5 brothers) and all of them have stayed in or near Sofia.

His first few years at Durmstrang (Years 1-4, under Folkvang House)  were his worst. He was overweight, pale and freckled, with a strange addiction to wearing a red coat on a regular basis. He grew up with a slight aggressive environment. He wasn't bullied, at least not to the point where he would cry or get beaten up after classes. There was only name calling used, and Valko could stand that. The summer before his fifth year, Valko's mother forced him to go on an intense diet and excercise routine, which helped him shed off all the excessive weight and reach a healthier one. He also changed a bit when he got back to school later that year; Valko was more open to people and people were more open to him. That was also Mitre's last year in school, so Valko was devastated and rarely spent time with anyone but his brother. By the time of Mitre's graduation, Valko had somehow managed to get top scores in Elixirs and Transfiguration classes. That inspired him to pursue a Potioner's profession, and to give Transfiguration a chance.

By the end of his 7th year at Durmstrang, Valko was among the top students of his class - yet not the top student of the class. He was intelligent, and very popular among the students. That was also the year he began working as his father's apprentice, hoping to learn as much as he could from his father and later move on to smaller teaching/assisting jobs. He gained excellent knowledge of potions, poisons and the likes, and through another relative Valko learned to master Transfiguration and spells - to an extent. He has been studying the subjects for around 10 years and teaching the Transfiguration and Potions areas as a freelance tutor near Sofia for about 5 to 6 years. Within that time, he has learned the art of Occlumency, and is still learning legilimench under his older brither's instruction.

While working as apprentice to his father, Valko enjoyed the many travels he took with him and the many people he met, among them a lovely Spanish lady with big brown eyes and blonde hair named Eliza. He fell madly in love with her, given that Eliza was his first girlfriend (He was 19, she was almost 18) they became a little too reckless in their brief relationship, resulting in the birth of Dana about a year or so later. Two years later after Dana's birth, Eliza returned to Spain to work for the Ministry, taking the toddler with her. And Valko contined his life, as Eliza never wrote back to him with news of their daughter. Now, 6 years later, Eliza has contacted him requesting him to take Dana for a few years, reasons unknown. Valko has taken the child without questioning the woman, and this has forced him to search for a better-paid job, which he believe he can find at his old school.

Valko Hristov - Adult 1zecfhc

Valko is of average height, standing at 5 feet 9 inches, with a very round face shape and pale skin. His eyes are plain brown, he has thin lips, frekcles scattered around his nose and cheeks, and he's got full cheeks. His hair is almost always neatly combed and he often dresses in black to maintain a reserved aura. Valko is supposed to wear glasses, which he sometimes does, but he prefers to not wear them most of the time.

Valko is often very quiet at first, he prefers to sit bacj and watch people, notice things about them, rather than go on stage and act out a Shakespeare scene for everyone. He likes classical music, running, reading, cooking, Potion-making and Defensive Magic. He is very loyal, always sticking up for people who most likely don't deserve him, and he likes to know he is respected and show respect to his own authorities. Valko is a man who follows rules, a man who will rarely speak what he thinks, but who will stop at nothing for his family, especially his daughter.

He is an excellent Potioner and Charmer, an excellent learner. Valko loves learning, but not studying. He is protective of family and close friends, and he values education highly. Though quiet and reserved, once people get to know him and he is comfortable around them, he is brash and talkative,  always coming up with weird ideas and unknowingly making them laugh. Valko has this thought, that only things and people who make him truly happy deserve a smile. He doesn't smile when first meeting someone, he smiles when that someone tells Dana a joke, or when they tell him of their childhood, with a spark in their eye.

Valko is critical or everything, he always wonders how much of a person is genuine, so he is hard to break sometimes. He is mistrusting, and often cold, too many times he's been told he's detached from the world. The world is at his feet, but Valko is often chasing a cloud. He has a knack for having things and people that he loves, and unknowingly letting them go. He hates lying, fake people, bad musicians, unjust recognition, and apple pies. He midly dislikes any reptiles, strict professors, children between ages 2 and 4 (mostly based off his experience with his ongoing list of cousins) and hot summer days. His favorites include the colors violet and navy blue, his daughter's laugh, his mother's cooking, books of any kind, coffee shops, learning languages (He currently knows Norwegian, Bulgarian, and English, with very few Spanish words thanks to Eliza). His biggest fear is probably the obvious one - losing his daughter.

Valko Hristov - Adult Nbt8xd

I noticed Durmstrang needs some professors, so I changed my app. I hope it's okay to use the same rp sample from Tate. If not, let me know Smile

Tate climbed into bed as his mother threatened to limit reading time as burying his sister's dolls in the yard was not considered a funny joke. He has personally found it hilarious. Jordana didn't approve of it, however, so Tate had no other choice but to listen to his mother. He pulled the cover up to his neck, glancing up at his mother's brown eyes, Tate told her, "Mother. I am no longer the same human I was 36 minutes ago. My body is changing. My body is dying. As of right now, I am 10 years, 187 days days old. I am not your son." She looked at him carefully, much like she always looked at Dana. "Okay. Get sleeping, then, alien." She said, and with that, Tate realized she would never understand the meaning of his words. He rarely understood them himself.
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Valko Hristov
Valko Hristov

Posts : 30
Join date : 2014-01-02

My Character
Activity: Folkvang Alumni, Transfiguration Professor

Valko Hristov - Adult Empty
PostSubject: Re: Valko Hristov - Adult   Valko Hristov - Adult EmptyFri Mar 20, 2015 1:14 pm

It took me most of the night and some of my early morning but I am finally done with this app Smile
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Lucy Malfoy
Lucy Malfoy

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Age : 23

My Character
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Valko Hristov - Adult Empty
PostSubject: Re: Valko Hristov - Adult   Valko Hristov - Adult EmptyFri Mar 20, 2015 2:14 pm

Accepted, dawwwwwwg!

You may apply for jobs and start threading with people. BUT YOU SERIOUSLY BETTER BE ON VALKOVFHJFGDS OR ELSE.

Animagus Form:
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Valko Hristov - Adult Empty
PostSubject: Re: Valko Hristov - Adult   Valko Hristov - Adult Empty

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Valko Hristov - Adult
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