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 New Year's Resolution (Humphrey)

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Sinead O'Donnell
Third Year
Third Year
Sinead O'Donnell

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My Character

New Year's Resolution (Humphrey) Empty
PostSubject: New Year's Resolution (Humphrey)   New Year's Resolution (Humphrey) EmptyWed Feb 11, 2015 5:14 am

Obviously, Sinead had a lot of New Year’s resolutions, but none of them were more important than trying to get a Dolphin Club started at Hogwarts. That was her main concern, because dolphins were so unappreciated. Currently, she had a plan of making a poster board to show the headmaster, because he surely need to approve of her club before actually putting it into effect. Though she wasn’t the best artist, she’d gotten a Hufflepuff boy some candy in exchange for his work, and he’s given back some lovely sketches of dolphins and people. So Sinead was gluing them to the teal board she’d gotten and writing random facts about why a Dolphin Club would be good - and was necessary - for Hogwarts.

She was trying too hard to keep her handwriting legible, because her usual messy one wasn’t going to give off a vibe of a hard working, dependable Sinead. It would simply say something along the lines of “Oh, look at this child!” And Sinead was no child. She was a strong and independent girl. Not yet a woman, but close enough. She just needed to grow up and get famous to be a real woman.  That seemed to be far from where she was at the moment, though. So Sinead was more than happy to be an advocate for dolphins. At least for now.

Her brown hair, though braided twice, managed to find a way to fall over her face as she leaned in to get closer to the board. She wore casual clothes, jeans and a simple tshirt, because who wanted to wear robes on a Saturday morning? Nobody. Robes were icky. She couldn't wear the one Aoife had outgrown, because Aoife had been sorted into Gryffindor, not Ravenclaw. Sinead was okay with her choice. She would have rather chosen Hufflepuff, but apparently she was too smart for them or something of that sort. She was obviously smarter than Aoife, but she wasn't really going to voice that out loud.

Just as she was writing yet another fact, she heard the steps approaching her, and looking up she found Humphrey Williams. A boy from her classes. He was blonde, which made her respect him a little bit more. Blondes were funny beings, so predictable. "Hey, Humphrey." she semi-greeted before returning to her project. Really, she didn't know much about him other than his name, his hair color, and his Hogwarts house. Now was a perfect time to make friends and all that, wasn't it? Turning back to look at him, she took his appearance in for a second, judging him. "You look like a Hufflepuff." Sinead noted, reaching over to grab one of the paintbrushes and dipping it in bright blue paint, "Want to help out?" she said as she handed him the brush.
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Humphrey Williams
Third Year
Third Year
Humphrey Williams

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My Character
Activity: Ravenclaw - Year 2

New Year's Resolution (Humphrey) Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Year's Resolution (Humphrey)   New Year's Resolution (Humphrey) EmptyThu Feb 12, 2015 7:03 pm

One of the things Humphrey needed to do was make more friends, it was one of the things he'd promised himself to try harder at in the coming year. Already he had made one friend with Dakota, but he was hoping he might be able to make one within his house. If he could find a nice Ravenclaw, it would give him an excellent study buddy to have. Not to mention it would be nice having somebody to talk to when he was around the common room fire at night before bed. Usually he sat by himself and read quietly, but a friend to talk to would be a nice change. Although, he would most definitely still be reading from time to time instead of talking. Nothing could put a stop to that habit of his. Especially now, when he was working through an excellent series of books by Terry Goodkind, he was on book two of it, The Stone of Tears. Refocusing on what he was doing, Humphrey finished walking up the steps to the door of Ravenclaw Tower. Immediately, he was asked one of the many questions Ravenclaws had to answer before able to enter. "What are the three D's of apparition?" the raven asked him. Thinking about it, Humphrey remembered stumbling across it once. "Destination, Determination, Deliberation." he answered, and the door swung open, allowing him entrance.

Humphrey walked into the common room of Ravenclaw Tower, not at all surprised to find somebody hard at work there. In Ravenclaw House, there was always somebody working on a project of some sort. Not even all of them were school related, some were original research or random other things. It was one of the things he actually loved about his house, there was plenty of opportunity to have an intellectual conversation on just about whatever you wanted. People had a wide variety of different interests. One of the things he had yet to find, however, was somebody else interested in music like he was. He loved playing piano and his acoustic guitar, but the only place he could play the piano was in the room of requirement. The one downside to that place was that you couldn't simply leave with the piano and carry it elsewhere, was a bit too big to maneuver. Although once he did stumble across a room of miscellaneous items. Maybe if he looked hard enough one day he'd find a keyboard there.

Shaking his head slightly to clear it of his thoughts, he focused on the girl who had just greeted him. "Hello. It's Sinead O'Donnell, right?" he asked, wanting to make sure he knew whom he was talking to. Humphrey paid attention in classes and had caught most of the names of the people in his year, but he wanted to double check it. Peering over the girl's shoulder, he looked at what she was working on. She seemed to be arranging dolphins on it, for some reason. "Hey now, don't hate on the blonde." he said, sticking his tongue out at her playfully. He watched what she was doing for a moment before nodding, thinking he might be able to help a little. "I'd love to. So we are painting dolphins correct? Anything else you want on here?" he asked her. Even though his talents were mainly in the musical side of art, he did enjoy other creative things and picked up one of the paintbrushes. Before he started though, he waited to see if she needed anything else painted on aside from dolphins.
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New Year's Resolution (Humphrey)
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