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 Food, Food, Food...and no pizza?! (Symona)

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Frederick Zaschke
Sixth Year
Sixth Year
Frederick Zaschke

Posts : 58
Join date : 2014-11-18

My Character
Activity: Hufflepuff Student

Food, Food, Food...and no pizza?!  (Symona) Empty
PostSubject: Food, Food, Food...and no pizza?! (Symona)   Food, Food, Food...and no pizza?!  (Symona) EmptyThu Jan 22, 2015 1:15 am

"Lovely morning, isn't it, Baconface?" Freddie asked the strange looking cat his mother had made him bring. Aileen, whom he often called by her real name when she wasn't around, had not bothered to get him a real cat and he'd been stuck with her hairless one instead. Freddie had given him the name Chris P. Baconface when they'd gotten the kitty two years ago, but he never imagined he'd have to bring it with him to Durmstrang. The naked cat strolled behind him as Freddie walked into the dining hall. "You're an embarrassment." he snorted as they looked around. Durmstrang was full of manly, huge people - even the girls looked intimidating. Most students were well formed, with broad shoulders and chiseled jawlines, Freddie was scrawny and babyfaced. "Wooooww." he said, not amazed at all. He'd been told quite a lot of things by his father, so Durmstrang wasn't exactly an adventure. Walking over to a table full of food, Freddie's eyes scanned the available food and to his surprise nothing looked appetizing.

"What?!" He shouted in disbelief. "No pizza?!" He searched once again, trying to find something that could resemble such a dish. Frederick groaned as he slumped down on the seat, a child making throwing a fit for not getting his favorite food. Glaring at Baconface, Freddie frowned before turning to look at his options. There really were many, but he didn't want any of them. He wanted bacon pizza. Either that, or Taco Bell. Frederick Anton Zaschke was probably the most Americanized European in the continent, and even then, he liked to see himself as more American than the natives to that wonderful land of greasy fast food. "Better eat something than to starve all day, though!" Freddie concluded before grabbing himself a plate and filling it with bread and pears.

Baconface jumped on the table in a matter of seconds, and Freddie had forgotten he was a major fan of strawberries. Major fan. He went crazy over strawberries and was now in the middle of devouring a bowl of them! "NO!" Freddie grabbed the naked cat and tried to get him away from the table, but that sly creature was faster. Baconface slipped through his hands, like the greasy skinned cat he was, and ran over most of the things on the table, such as bowls of food and cups of juice. "Ugh, you useless, greasy, arrogant...ugh." Freddie called after him, hoping Baconface didn't ruin anyone else's breakfast along his run.
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Symona Angelova
Second Year
Second Year
Symona Angelova

Posts : 27
Join date : 2014-12-10
Location : Durmstrang school of Magic and such

My Character
Activity: Breidablikk - year I

Food, Food, Food...and no pizza?!  (Symona) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Food, Food, Food...and no pizza?! (Symona)   Food, Food, Food...and no pizza?!  (Symona) EmptyFri Jan 23, 2015 2:06 pm

Symona woke up at eight. Her normal time for waking up, really. She was happy with that because she could wake up at what others would think as an early time but she still will be, well won't be tired. The girl dressed up in the uniform for the school. She liked it, it was warm and cozy. It also fit her well. The girl was used to be in a load of clothes, as her mother always gave her a good load of it to wear so she doesn't feel cold. Symona, however, seemed to be immune to cold (unlike the heat which she hated). If it could be her choice, she would walk around with rolled up sleeves during the winter and even a t shirt if it was warmer. Than again, her hate for heat may be from the time she accidentally burned her finger while taking out her breakfast from the oven. So it was a logical reason to dislike it.

Fixing quickly her clothes, she looked around for her cat, Bastet. "Pis, pis, pis, pis" she said quietly, not wanting to wake up the rest of her dorm. The cat jumped out from under the bed and onto her lap. Smiling slightly, she petted her. She was very beautiful, crystal blue eyes and a soft black and white fur. "I'll bring you some fish, I promise" she told her although she wasn't sure if she understood her of not. Bast was a smart cat, maybe she did. Nevertheless, the cat had began to purr softly. After a while Symona shifted so she would understand that she will be standing.

Walking quickly to the where she shall eat, the girl looked at the tables. Two for each house. Going to her table, she looked at the food. When it came to that she was very picky, as her taste buds seemed not to like much tastes. At the end she picked some meat. The girl, unlike all most Bulgarians hated to eat bread in every single meal. She hated bread all together, unless it was with something on it and was baked or toasted in some way. Beginning to eat, she heard some silver wear to brake. Turning to the other table, she noticed a cat without fur to run over the table. Some boy was chasing it. And than the cat ran... towards her! It almost ran onto her own table but Symona decided to catch it. With that her water cup fell over and wet her but she ignored it, as now she tried to calm the cat down. After a few moments where the girl soothed it with kind words ( in Bulgarian do almost no one understands her), the cat calmed into her lap. She smiled quickly and turned to face the boy.
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Food, Food, Food...and no pizza?! (Symona)
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