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 Face Claim list

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Morgana Gaunt
Morgana Gaunt

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Face Claim list Empty
PostSubject: Face Claim list   Face Claim list EmptyWed Jan 21, 2015 6:55 pm

The last thing we want to see is two people both having avatars and signatures with the same model, which does nothing but get us all confused. This list is created for that reason- so you can check if your face-claim-to-be is taken before checking it out for yourself. Please carefully take a look at the list before requesting a model for your character. Once you are sure that your planned face claim is not taken, you can claim it in this thread.

If you go inactive for two months without informing us about your absence, your face claim may be removed from the list for someone else to use, depending on your activity. Please do not start using a face claim without claiming it first, as it will only cause more confusion.

If you want to switch your faceclaim, go to the same thread as linked above and make another claim. However, make sure to use the form in the spoiler called Face Claim change.


Face Claim list E_zps8b9a2664

Face Claim list L_zps954c804e
Lavigne, Avril - Raven Willow
Lawrence, Jennifer - Ariel Wilde
Lee, Caspar - Zypher Andrews
Lewis, Matthew - Phineas Button
Liberato, Liana - Agnes Beaumont
Lovato, Demi - Vanessa Di Angelo

Face Claim list M_zpsb70d0865
McGrath, Katie - Morgana Gaunt
Mclaughlin, Madison - Danielle McLean
Moreau, Logan - Lucas Malfoy
Momsen, Taylor - Aurora Aldenberg
Muraoka, Hideo - Levi Archer

Face Claim list N_zpsddc2b122
Nelisse, Sophie - Finley McConnell

Face Claim list O_zpsc75ecc79
O'Brien, Dylan - Danny Sinclair

Face Claim list P_zpsbcc70507
Paciu, Anna - Michelle Storm
Palvin, Barbara - Ciara Malfoy
Panettiere, Hayden - Arwen Pierce
Pena, Carlos - Anthony Campero
Peters, Evan - Humphrey Williams
Pullos, Haley - Amelia Marcus

Face Claim list Q_zps00e90228

Face Claim list R_zps7e9a7602
Reedus, Norman - Kota
Robb, AnnaSophia - Casey Williams
Roberts, Craig - Valko Hristov
Rock, Chris - Andre Jean-Louis Leblanc
Roden, Holland - Aofie O'Donnell
Rudd, Emily - Kathrine Winter
Rush, Odeya - Seren Pierce
Ryan, Debbie - Aeva Riviere

Face Claim list S_zps69f9a3b8
Saignes, Nathan - Oliver Bennet
Samuel, Xavier - Miles Raleigh
Sangster, Thomas - Derek Lawrence
Schmid, Dylan - Ember Huckleberry
Scodelario, Kaya - Danielle Doakes
Scott, Andrew - James Morgenstern
Seyfried, Amanda - Aisha Khan
Simpson, Ashlee - Deirdre Seamore
Smith, Jaden - Abayomrunkoje O'Mully
Smith, Matt - Jeremy Rufford
Song Jae Rim - Mo Jae Hwa
Steinfeld, Hailee - Victoria Campero
Stewart, Kristen - Lucy Malfoy
Su-ji, Bae - Park Eun Hee
Sursok, Tammin - Lucia Henley
Swift, Taylor - Sydney Hale

Face Claim list T_zps8ce90dd0
Talerico, Mia - Emma Riddle
Temple, Juno - Cecelia Daniels
Thorne, Bella - Shah Chelsea Hazel
Todorova, Krisia - Symona Angelova
Trachtenberg, Michelle - Ella Fontayne Vega

Face Claim list U_zps9e140b44

Face Claim list V_zps7165b7de

Face Claim list W_zpsbcbea798
Wesley, Paul - Lestat Zherdev
Wright, Bonnie - Khalidah

Face Claim list X_zps9dc1e448

Face Claim list Y_zps1fbe7626

Face Claim list Z_zps294e3434

Waiting for application(application link)

Bellisario, Troian - Rowan Matthews
Collins, Lily - Artemis Night
Constanza, Chrissy - Viridia Grey
Efron, Zac - Lucas Turner
Im Yoona - Jessica Kim
Robinson, Nick - Bennett Fox


Garfield, Andrew: OLDER Danny Sinclair
Gillies, Elizabeth: OLDER Dakota Lancaster
Harmon, Richard: OLDER Brage Ødegaard
Hiddleston, Tom: ADULT Brage Ødegaard
Lange, Jessica: ELDERLY Agnes Beaumont
Morgan, Colin: OLDER Oliver Bennet

Retired Face Claims

Beaumon, Sterling - Blake Ralston
Crowe, Russell - Phoenix Caelum Malfoy
Henley, Georgie - Aylee Walters
Haynes, Colton - Ansel Beaumont
Lerman, Logan - Wade Malfoy
Jogia, Avan - Jack VanDerberg
Keynes, Skandar - Kynan Walters
Somerhalder, Ian - Kellin Leo Malfoy
Christensen, Hayden - James Riddle
Watson, Emma - Kim Frey

Face Claim list 16405568865_355ed68750_o
Thanks to the amazing Jett!!

Slytherin Pride:

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Face Claim list
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