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 Breakfast at the Heartbreak Hotel (Open)

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Lucy Malfoy
Lucy Malfoy

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Breakfast at the Heartbreak Hotel (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Breakfast at the Heartbreak Hotel (Open)   Breakfast at the Heartbreak Hotel (Open) EmptyWed Jan 14, 2015 8:41 am

Lucy sat at a back booth, her lousy waitress being more appealing to the eye than she was as a person, and she tried her best to order some food. She had arrived in Norway the night before, stayed at a muggle inn and decided to get breakfast at a magical diner before heading out to meet with the Highmaster of Durmstrang for her interview. Phoenix had flipped shit when she'd told him she was going to try something new, because something new meant teaching, and Ryland had given up his teaching job to follow Elita to France, and Lucy didn't want to see either of them. Durmstrang was the only choice. The blonde girl, whose name Lucy thought was too easy to forget, finally walked off with her order.

Lucy wasn't going to deny that the change of scenery was like taking in fresh air and letting out the negativity in her life. She was away from all of that. She was away from Ryland's recklessness, and Wade's on-going mistakes, and all the familiar things in England that had grown to be the things she was bored of. She needed a fresh start, a chance to meet new people and see new places and do something for herself rather than for her brothers or father. Undoubtedly, she loved them. She loved them massively. She loved Phoenix for being who he was, and Ryland for being her little brother, and Wade for who he had been, so the fact that they were so far away was still enough to make her heart break a little. The thought of her not seeing her father in a year was already too much, but she had to stick with this. The decision had already been made.

Naturally, Lucy put on a smile as she looked around. Yes, this would be a great experience. She would try to teach, she would try to be happy regardless of her brothers' shadows. Yes, this was good. Her hair was growing, and the red hues in it were fading but still fairly visible, and she wore jeans and about four layers of tops because the winds were colder in the mornings, it seemed. She was different, but she liked herself. She wasn't like the rest of her family, but she wasn't trying not to be. She was just Lucy, and that was a feeling she'd never gotten before. The waitress came out with her food, and Lucy could smell the deliciousness of it, so much it actually made her mouth water. She was tired, sleep deprived and worried, and all of that came with immense amounts of food. Five pounds or so had been added to her weight in the blink of an eye, but she was filling up even more, she wasn't so leggy and scrawny. Her breasts were bigger, which she realized was the food more than anything else, and her auror training had done her overall body good as she was stronger now than before, and she was tanned! She wasn't pale anymore, she had a tint in her skin and she loved it.

Yes, this was already better than England.

Animagus Form:
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Mo Jae Hwa

Mo Jae Hwa

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Breakfast at the Heartbreak Hotel (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Breakfast at the Heartbreak Hotel (Open)   Breakfast at the Heartbreak Hotel (Open) EmptyWed Mar 25, 2015 11:35 pm

When the tourist bus had crossed the places that Mo wanted to see, he decided to leave it and go to the magical street called Fabelveien. It was supposedly very nice there. Not quite as crowded as Diagon Alley was, though this was probably due to the fact that the population in Norway was decidedly smaller than the population of London alone. But Mo didn't mind a place with less people, it would be a lot easier if he didn't bump into people every other second. He also needed a place to stay for a couple of days. He wanted to see more of Norway while he was there, and though he didn't mind finding new places to stay every day, it could also be rather nice to have one place to come back to. He didn't know why, but Mo had always been like that. He loved to travel, and he'd travel much more than sit still, but more than anything, he needed a place where he knew he belonged, even if only for an hour.

And this time, the Mad Wand would have to suffice. So when he entered the inn, he first got himself a room and put all his stuff there. Then he took a quick shower, since he'd been on a bus all day, and put on some fresh clothes. It was still morning, and he had only eaten some bits and pieces here and there, and now it was time for some proper breakfast. He wondered what Norwegian people ate, as he looked quickly over the menu. Seemed that bacon was big here as well. Well... where wasn't bacon big? But after some deliberation, he landed on smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and toast. As he placed his order he looked around. There were many places he could sit, but when his eyes landed on a woman, maybe a bit younger than himself, who was smiling and seemingly very approachable, Mo pushed off the bar he'd been leaning on and walked towards her, signaling to the waitress that that's where he'd sit. Hopefully.

When he got closer to her, he wondered what the hell he was doing. He should just change directions! But if he did that now, he'd look really weird, which wasn't something Mo enjoyed feeling. So he continued on his way before he stopped in front of her. "Hello," he said with a warm smile, "I was wondering if I could join you?" He didn't think it'd sound weird if someone had asked him that question, but he felt weird for saying it nonetheless. A complete stranger. She didn't even know- "I'm Mo, by the way, just so you won't say yes to a complete stranger, and because if you now say no, you'd be saying no to someone you know the name of," he said jokefully. He hoped she didn't take that the wrong way. Maybe he was acting completely conceited? Well, if he never asked, he might've missed out on a great morning. Or greater.
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Breakfast at the Heartbreak Hotel (Open)
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