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 Prawn (Closed)

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Elita Malfoy
Elita Malfoy

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Prawn (Closed) Empty
PostSubject: Prawn (Closed)   Prawn (Closed) EmptyWed Jan 14, 2015 1:27 am

It was a gray, May afternoon, when Elita felt the contractions come on. Elita first made a call to her midwife before calling Ryland. She'd wanted to have a home birth, it would be sure to be much more relaxing than giving birth in the hospital. When the doorbell rang, Elita answered it as another contraction surged through her.

She didn't know what had happened between her and Ryland or when e began developing feelings for her, but she was glad he was there. He may have not been the father, but he sure as hell was a great daddy. Elita felt relieved to hear the little cry, after what felt to be an eternity of pushing. She was too tired to hold him at birth, so she handed him off to Ryland while she relaxed a little bit, before finally, holding her baby boy.

As Elita cuddled with the baby in the little home in France, Ryland made a few calls to let Lucy and Phoenix and even Ella know that the baby had been born. Elita would've loved for her mother to be there, but they'd been out of contact for a while now. Elita talked to her little prawn in her softest, sweetest voice, until the midwife came to give him his first bath and do his measurements.

Once she finished, she left, but not before letting Elita know she'd be back to take vitals again soon. Elita magically made a sign appear in their front yard while awaiting family visitors, such as Lucy and Ella, who would most likely apparate.

Lucas Phoenix Malfoy
May 29, 2032
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Prawn (Closed) Colorful-Dark-Background_zpspkc9guqb

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Lucy Malfoy
Lucy Malfoy

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Prawn (Closed) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Prawn (Closed)   Prawn (Closed) EmptyWed Jan 14, 2015 9:53 am

Lucy was sitting at her flat, watching some old cartoon show, with Frodo curled on her lap and thousands of covers around them to keep them warm, when she got a call from Ryland. Lucy had a cellphone, like any other human on the planet, but it was used only for emergencies. And if the phone rang, it meant she was needed as soon as possible. Except she couldn't find the phone. She jumped up at the first ring, and looked around for the white device, felt everywhere between the covers, checked her purse and dumped everything on the table, but that nasty little thing was nowhere to be found. But it had to be in the flat! She could hear it! It was around the third time the person had called when she found it under her bed, next to a boot she thought she'd lost a week ago.

Ryland's cheeky grin appeared instantly on the screen of her phone, and Lucy answered quickly, only to be let known that the child had safely arrived into the world. Hanging up, she stood there for a few minutes, staring at her phone while debating whether or not she wanted to even see him. Sure, she was still mad at her brother and Elita, but this kid wasn't responsible for his patents' actions. After another minute or two of internal debate, she grabbed her pants and apparated to Elita's house. The front yard held a sign with the kids name and other stuff Lucy wasn't very comfortable with. She didn't even bother with knocking aymore. Elita clearly hadn't bothered to think about screwing Ryland, so Lucy didn't have to knock.

She saw Ryland by their living room, and she asked him, "Where's the tiny human?" Because what else was she supposed to say to him? Hi, little brother! Congrats on being a father at such a young age! I'm sure he'll do well having such a reckless and stupid guy like you for a daddy! Haha, no. He led her to what she thought was Elita's bedroom, and as Lucy walked in, she saw how worn out the young girl was. "Wow." She said. "Everything they tell you about that pregnancy joyous glow is a big, nasty lie." She raised her eyebrows.

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Prawn (Closed)
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