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 THe night sky is majestic and cruel (Open)

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Dakota Lancaster
Third Year
Third Year
Dakota Lancaster

Posts : 161
Join date : 2015-01-11

My Character

PostSubject: THe night sky is majestic and cruel (Open)    Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:46 pm

Dakota couldt sleep. No matter what he did, his body would not go to rest. She tried sleeping potions, spells even counting sheep, an old muggle trick, but nothing worked. She groaned and got out of bed and began walking. Her brain was turned off, but her feet knew where to go. She ended up in the owlery and looked around. It was empty. Except for, of course, the owls.

She held out her arm as a majestic black owl landed on it. It was her own owl, Aurora. Her bird was beautiful. Her feathers were jet black and she bright gold eyes with little specks of green in them. She was one of a kind and she loved her so.

She petted her bird and she nibbled on her finger. She laughed and gave her a treat from her pocket. She smiled and watched as she took off and flew into the night sky, probably to go hunting. She sighed and found her falling asleep. She should go back to her bed, but she was to weak and tired to walk.
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Sinead O'Donnell
Third Year
Third Year
Sinead O'Donnell

Posts : 148
Join date : 2014-10-31
Age : 22

My Character

PostSubject: Re: THe night sky is majestic and cruel (Open)    Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:30 am

Sinead's hair fell loosely around her shoulders as she walked up the steps to the Owlery. She was tired, having spent all of her afternoon writing letters to most of her family at home. The whole day had passed and she had finally gone to bed, but upon trying to sleep she had remembered her forgotten her dolphin journal up there with the nasty owls. Those birds were gross, she was sure of it, and they would destroy her journal if she didn't rescue it. So, she put on a sweater, crawled out of bed, left the Common Room, and now she was going up the steps. No way those ugly birds would get away with eating her journal. There was important stuff there! Important Dolphin Club stuff!

She opened the door quiet, because even though owls were nasty they deserved sleep, and her eyes instantly fell on a girl with blonde hair. Weren't blonde supposed to be really dumb or something like that? Sinead wondered to herself, and it took her a moment to realize the girl was in her year, in Slytherin, and in most of her classes. Her name was Dakota, she knew that much. Sinead was great with names, she liked to know who she was competing against for being the best student in every class. This girl wasn't much of a threat, Sinead could tell. "Hey. Dakota, right?" she asked, just to make herself look more normal. "Why are you sleeping here?" Sinead narrowed her eyebrow, judging the girl's sleeping preferences.

Yeah, blondes are definitely dumb. Or at least some girls were. What kind of person sleeps in the owlery? Still, Sinead looked around the place and quickly spotted her journal. She wasn't really in the mood for talking, but if this girl needed help getting to her common room she would help her out. It might get some House Points for Sinead, because after all she was helping a fellow classmate. "I'm Sinead. Ravenclaw. You wouldn't know me." Sinead told her, inspecting her journal instead of looking at the girl. "I don't really hang out with people from other houses." Because they were all stupid, really.

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THe night sky is majestic and cruel (Open)
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