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 Welcome to Durmstrang [Welcome Feast]

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Brage Ødegaard
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First Year
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Welcome to Durmstrang [Welcome Feast] Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Durmstrang [Welcome Feast]   Welcome to Durmstrang [Welcome Feast] EmptyMon Dec 22, 2014 11:46 pm

Wearing his very best robes, Brage walked from his office, taking long strides. He'd heard that the ship was nearing the bay and it would be better to be early than late to the very first feast with him as Highmaster. He had grown very familiar with Durmstrang over the years. He'd done a lot of exploring as a kid himself, and he had started working as a professor at 20, and now he was 32... The years really did fly by.

Reaching the magnificent dining hall, justly named Valhal, Brage reached the staff table. Standing behind his own chair, he nodded at the professors already present and waited patiently for the rest of them to arrive. The hall was decorated with the different colours that had come to identify Durmstrang. A glacier blue, and some wonderful green colours spread around. The tables consisted of around ten, big and round tables, five designated for Folkvang and five for Breidablikk.

Durmstrang had really become Brage's home, and -as all the professors were seated, himself included- when the students walked through the large entrance doors, he felt a warm sensation fill him up. These students would all be his students in some way. And some of them would be taking his class. Hopefully, they would all find some of the same homey feeling as he had.

The first years took their seats at their tables, the sorting ceremony having happened on the ship as was protocol. And Brage felt the small butterflies flapping their wings as he rose from his chair. "Welcome to all our first years, and welcome back to all our returning students. I hope the travels were pleasant and the seas did not give too much turmoil," he said, remembering his first trip. He'd been lucky enough to throw up only once. "I shall be quick, so we can turn to food soon enough. I'm sure there are a few hungry ones sitting around.

"Firstly, some rules. All students, please remember that the terrain around the school grounds can be treacherous. The professors and game keeper of the school are doing what we can to keep it secure, but this landscape shifts constantly. Also, beware of Polar Bears. The mountains is not a place for first years who have yet to learn spells to give them ample time to get away."
Brage knew that this was something that the school had complete control of, but to make sure the students were on guard either way was still essential.

"Secondly, the dungeons is not a playground, and not a challenge as to who can pry open the wine in the winecellar. No student has managed that yet, and this school has been existing for neigh on a millenia." He was smiling now, he actually thought it was quite funny when people tried to break the ancient magic that kept students away from the wine.

Brage looked at the students, taking in the faces of the new ones and remembering the old ones. "But most importantly, Durmstrang will be your home for your years here. Show respect to your fellow peers and get accustomed to the rules and norms of the castle, and you will find yourself in a great community that you may never feel again. These years will define you and where you go after. And if there is ever a reason for malcontent, talk to your professors and Head of House. They will assist you for whatever reason."

He clapped his hands and smiled at them all. "Now, I will withhold you no longer. Let's eat!" The huge doors that had been closed opened instantly, and a row of 100 waiters walked in, with food in their hands, walking around lightly, placing the food on the ten different tables. Brage sat down and felt both relieved and hungry. Now was the time for some good, ol' Durmstrang dinner.
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Welcome to Durmstrang [Welcome Feast]
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