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 A Picture of Beauty [Khal]

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Mo Jae Hwa

Mo Jae Hwa

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A Picture of Beauty [Khal] Empty
PostSubject: A Picture of Beauty [Khal]   A Picture of Beauty [Khal] EmptySat Dec 20, 2014 3:21 pm

Mo was in Norway. In Norway! He had caved in to his tourist-instincts and left to see the amazing fjords. He wasn't on a modeling mission, he was on vacation. It was warmer than he'd expected, but then again, it was only October. And he was standing on the docks, looking at the weirdly blue-green water. And so many mountains. Standing there, looking at the picture before him, he was extremely thrilled that he had chosen Norway.

That was, until the sour wind started blowing. The smell of salted water was nice though, but the wind was kniving its way through his jacket and well past his many layers of skin. He shivered and put his hands into his jacket's pockets. Turning around, he walked a bit alongside the bank. Fellow tourists were walking around, taking pictures. Mo picked up his own camera, and wondered what it would look like. There were no humans in the picture, so they wouldn't be moving around, but what about the scenery? Would it be moving? And if so, how?

Mo was considering taking a few pictures to show to his agency, just to ask if maybe this was a nice spot. Of course, Mo wasn't sure he wanted to show it to them. If he did, and they liked it, what sort of clothes would they want him to wear? Probably not warm ones. Which would suck. He continued walking and stopped when he saw a woman standing further away, on a rock. Mo was struck by her beauty, and instantly recognized that she was not a tourist. He had his camera up in seconds, hoping she wouldn't mind. She probably wouldn't notice; she was standing at least 50 feet away.
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A Picture of Beauty [Khal] Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Picture of Beauty [Khal]   A Picture of Beauty [Khal] EmptyMon Mar 02, 2015 2:46 pm

Having been in Britain for well over four years now, and only with one short trip to Madrid, Khal felt it was high time for her to get back to her origins. Not Russia, though. She had no desire of going back to her hometown. Russia had a lot of beautiful spots, but they never made an impact on Khal, and her hometown had not been the most gentle one. Not that Khal needed gentle, but the reason for that was the bitter cold. However, Norway had been her escape. Not necessarily the country, but Durmstrang. Leaving Britain hadn't been hard for her at all. She knew she didn't belong there. She only stayed there because of James. She belonged at his side, this she knew. Until he no longer had use of her. She had settled with the idea that she would die at his hands. His hands were the only hands she wanted to die by, so she was fine with it. She was his soldier, and he got to use her skills for exactly what he needed them for. That was loyalty one could not buy, and was one of the few reasons for why Khal had yet to die.

As much as she wanted to go to Durmstrang, returning to a school who knew exactly who she was and where she stood, especially with the new highmaster, was not a safe trip. As strong as Khal was magically, she was only 22 years old and had a lot of things she needed to learn and master before she could ever return to Durmstrang. So instead, she ventured to west coast of Norway, deciding that simply watching the fjords of the country would be soothing enough. Of course, she hadn't thought about how many tourists would be there this time of year, so when she got to her favourite lookout place, she got a bit exasperated by the amount of people. But at least they hadn't gotten to her spot yet, and it seemed like most were going the other way.

Khal stepped onto the big rock overlooking the water. The wind was chilly, but growing up in northern Siberia, it wasn't really something she was unaccostumed to. She enjoyed the weather, even when cold, but she wouldn't pretend as if she didn't like the warm better. Looking out over the green-blue water from the glaciers, this was one of the amazing traits of the fjords. She smiled softly as the rays of the sun broke on the surface of the water, sending shimmers of light everywhere. But she was very aware of the tourists, especially one who had gotten closer than most. Khal turned and locked eyes with the man who had just taken her picture. He was fairly goodlooking and not much older than herself. She stepped off the rock and walked towards him, not caring how he might feel about that. She stopped when she got close enough for him to hear her over the soft wind. "Not to sound conceited or anything, but did you just take a picture of me?" she asked, smiling at him. As far as she knew, he hadn't done anything wrong, and if this guy was even remotely smart, it wouldn't be halfbad to have a conversation with someone who quite possibly loved the Norwegian scenery as much as herself.

A Picture of Beauty [Khal] Wiox
Thanks to Marianna!
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Mo Jae Hwa

Mo Jae Hwa

Posts : 41
Join date : 2014-05-26

A Picture of Beauty [Khal] Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Picture of Beauty [Khal]   A Picture of Beauty [Khal] EmptyWed Mar 25, 2015 9:53 pm

When the woman turned, Mo instantly felt bad for taking the picture without her permission. He'd delete it, if she wanted him to. He wasn't very surprised when she started to walk towards him, but he had absolutely no idea of what he could expect. Well, you dug your own grave there, mate. She was very beautiful, though. And if Mo felt like he should say that, he would. He admired beauty, and he saw no reason as to why he should be ashamed of that. Of course, saying that a person was beautiful by looking at them might seem shallow. But there were many kinds of beauty in the world. She stopped and Mo wondered if he ought to say sorry, but then she spoke first. If she was conceited? Now this was what was wrong with the world. Self-confidence was as good as frowned upon, and people would always bring them down. Of course, Mo didn't know if this was the case with this redheaded woman, but he was not about to let her think it was conceited.

"It's not conceited at all," he said with a shrug, relieved that she was smiling. He might get out of this without too bad a concience. But he did decide to apologize, because she might actually be offended with him, just too polite to say. "I'm sorry though, if you didn't want me to. It was just too picturesque to miss out on," he explained, hoping she honestly wasn't mad at him for it. She didn't look mad. Mo wondered what she'd look like when mad, but he had a feeling it wouldn't be that bad either. Other than is conscience, of course. He'd feel so bad if she was mad at him. "I'd show it to you, or even delete it if you wanted me to, but this isn't a digital camera, unfortunately," he said softly. He had his own dark room where he developed his own pictures.

He looked out at the scenery in front of him and then back to the woman, remembering how he'd figured she wasn't a tourist. Would it be rude to ask? But it was better to ask than not to ask, right? "You don't seem like a tourist," he stated slowly. And then looked back to the bus a bit off. "I mean, at least compared to myself and the people from the bus." He grinned at that, because she looked nothing like a tourist, but what did Mo really know about that, right? He had no idea.
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PostSubject: Re: A Picture of Beauty [Khal]   A Picture of Beauty [Khal] Empty

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A Picture of Beauty [Khal]
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