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 A Familiar Face (Ariadne)

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Aoife O'Donnell
Aoife O'Donnell

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A Familiar Face (Ariadne) Empty
PostSubject: A Familiar Face (Ariadne)   A Familiar Face (Ariadne) EmptySat Dec 06, 2014 11:57 am

Aoife, yet again, was being forced, against her will, to go shopping with her parents. But not just any shopping, shopping in Dublin. Which meant a stupid long car journey just to be bored out of her mind while her mam dragged her around clothes shops which sold no clothes with sheep on them. However, being the good daughter she was, she put up with the torture of the shopping without too much moaning. By the time they got in the car, she was done ranting about how life was so unfair. She just read through her COMC textbook, determined to be even more awesome at the subject in her last two years at school. Gosh. Last two years. That was scary. She wasn’t ready to leave Hogwarts yet. And she hadn’t planned her big end of seven years prank thing yet. Five years had gone so fast. All her favourite older students were gone now. A bunch of good professors had disappeared. Hogwarts was starting to suck.

Three and a half hours later, they’d finally arrived. She managed to put up with about half an hour of shopping before she started trying to convince her mam she’d be fine somewhere on her own, and that they could meet for lunch in a bit. It worked. She ended up casually strolling down a busy street towards a shop she could see was selling milkshakes. She bought herself a chocolate one and went to sit down at the only free table she could see.

It started raining, slowly at first, but sped up until it was pouring down. And more and more people came into the shop. She sighed, feeling a bit claustrophobic. Although, nobody had tried to sit at her table yet. But then, someone started to head in this direction. Two people, with red hair, one a child and one an adult. Aoife recognised the child. She scowled. Ariadne. Princess Ariadne, with the pretty name and the pretty hair and the horrible personality. She just took a sip of the chocolate milkshake to try and calm herself down a bit.

A Familiar Face (Ariadne) 15783029624_916c081b46_o

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Ariadne O'Rieley
Fifth Year
Fifth Year
Ariadne O'Rieley

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My Character
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A Familiar Face (Ariadne) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Ariadne)   A Familiar Face (Ariadne) EmptySat Dec 06, 2014 5:25 pm

Shopping. Ari hated shopping for random things. Unless they where shopping for Ari, then it was ok. Mainly because she was going to get a bunch of cool new things that she would show to Matthew when they went to their summer house in London. So when her Aunt EVELYN had asked her to go shopping for some new summer clothes, Ari couldn't resist. They had gone into several shops and had gotten some short sleeve shirts, and some shorts. She even found a key chain with fire on it, with Matthews name in it to give to him later.

Because she was an awesome and thoughtful best friend, and Since the boy loved fire so much, Ari figured he would like it. Ari was pooped by about the fourth store. So, when she saw the ice cream shop. Ari loved ice cream. She pretty much had it every single day when she was at Hogwarts. Her favorite flavor was Mint Oreo! She loved the freshness she felt after eating it, and how it melted in her mouth. So, about half way to the store, her mouth was watering for some.

Her Aunt agreed to take a break at the ice cream store. It was then she noticed a familiar face. One that she didn't particularly like. When she met the girl, Ari figured they would get along because they where both IRISH and had red hair. But no. When Ari needed somebody to talk to in her first year, the girl was just plain mean. And she had an even weirder name than Ariadne. It was like A...Farts or something like that. Even if her name wasn't Afarts, Ari would call her that because it was probably better than her actual name anyways. Ari went up to her, just to be nice and said, " Hello Afarts! Nice to see you again!" Ari didn't mean a single word of that. But, she was with her Aunt, so she had to play nice.  Even if it was with somebody as mean as Afarts.

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A Familiar Face (Ariadne)
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