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Aeva Rivière
Aeva Rivière

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PostSubject: Butterflies   Butterflies EmptyTue Nov 18, 2014 2:30 am

She wasn't sure why her sister was here, nor why the were sitting down as a family in the family room for the first tim in about a year or two. She wasn't sure why her parents weren't sitting together, and she didn't care because she had a date tonight, until they announced the divorce. The divorce that would take her to London, away from her brother, Christophe, Beauxbaxtons and all her friends.

After she was released, she ran upstairs and locked her door behind her. She looked around at the pastel coloured walls, the walls she'd never see again. She allowed herself to cry as she went through her closet of dresses. She cried because she loved her small-ish family, she cried because she loved her home, she cried because she'd miss her friends, but mostly she cried because she'd miss Christophe. Shit! He'd be here soon. She grabbed a short dress and threw it on. She applied her usual makeup and make sure to cover up the fact she'd been crying. Red lipstick complimented her dress and her hair was in a semi messy fishtail to the side. The bruise he left on her leg from when he pushed her down had disappeared. She grabbed matching heels and marched down the stairs, just in time to hear the car horn blow.

They were in a cabin in the middle of the woods. His family's vacation spot. When he unlocked the door, the air smelled musty. In the dimly lit room, it wasn't hard to see that the cabin had been cleaned up and that there were bottles of alcohol lining the island top. He'd told her he invited a few friends over, but she didn't care, as long as he was there, she was fine. She loved him, he was hers, he was strong.

By the end of the night, she didn't notice how many people were there, she didn't even remember how many beers she'd drunk or if it was whiskey instead of beer. She was wasted. When everyone left, she remembered that she was moving to London. When she told him, he left a handprint on her face. It was because he loved her. He'd miss her. She kissed him anyway.

When he brought her back home that night, she let him in because her no one was home. The house was usually empty. He led her all the way up to her bedroom. She'd decided she'd give him what every boy wanted. She'd give him what was meant for her husband. She was laying on her bed, the cool air on her skin when he once again, reminded her that she was his even after she left. It hurt, the way his hand connected with her thigh, but before long, his intoxicated mouth was on hers and he was taking what she should've kept.

It burned, but not as bad as she thought. She laid there, even after he left, she kissed him goodbye and laid there. He'd set her pajamas out beside her and left. She still felt him, his hands on her, his lips on her lips. She smelled the alcohol on his breath. She longed for him even though he was bad, she needed more of him. She couldn't wait to see him again. She didn't know that'd be the last night with him. She didn't know sh'd be moving the next day. Sh lost everything that night, her family, her friends, Christophe, her dignity and herself.

After shrugging into her pajamas and cleaning herself and her bed, she drifted off into a deep sleep, hoping to never wake up again.
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