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 Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve (CLOSED)

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Oliver Bennett
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Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve (CLOSED) Empty
PostSubject: Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve (CLOSED)   Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve (CLOSED) EmptyMon Nov 10, 2014 8:44 pm

Oliver was completely lost. He wanted to ask her out, but he didn’t want to ask anyone how to ask a girl out. No, that wasn’t it. He didn’t want to ask how to ask Victoria out. She wasn’t just some girl he knew, she was the best and most awesome girl he knew. The simple thought of her saying something like ‘Let’s just be friends.’ or ‘You’re cool, but I don’t feel the same way’ were too much for his brain. In fact, his brain was already fried. He’d been in the Common Room the whole day, wearing gray sweats and a blue t-shirt, thinking of ways in which he could tell her he liked her but not sound like a total creep. He wanted it to be as smooth as possible. Like baby butt smooth. That's how smooth the transition from friends to maybe something more had to be. It had to be easy, more for Ollie's sake than Victoria's, really.

He’d thought about giving her flowers because he’d seen it in a movie once, but he didn’t know where he could get flowers around the castle. Maybe I can just make them. He thought, but he wasn’t that good at Transfiguration so that idea was quickly ruled out. Worst Case Scenario: He'd conjure up some beautiful flowers and they'd explode as soon as he handed them to her. Oliver also thought about just suggesting a Hogsmeade trip, but that would imply he was asking her as a friend. AND THAT WAS NOT WHAT OLLIE WANTED. It had to be friendly enough to let her know it was fine if she didn't like him, but sort of more-than-friendly enough to get his major point across. If that made any sense. Actually, nothing made sense anymore. He was probably thinking too far into this, and maybe asking a girl out was the easiest thing on the planet.

He couldn’t believe Matthew already had a girlfriend, or something close to a girlfriend. Ariadne was so not like the girl he thought Matthew would ever be with, not that Oliver ever thought about that but he had done it once or twice after meeting the redhead. Nevertheless, it was a bit unfair for Matthew to get a lady way before Ollie. Ollie was older, so shouldn’t he be the first one? Still, he had to admit that there really weren’t many girls he knew, and from the ones he did...well, no one really caught his eye like Victoria did. He liked her a lot; she was cool and fun and smart and sassy. She looked pretty great too. There was just something about her, something Ollie was drawn to. No matter where he was, what he was doing, his eyes always looked around for her. It was kind of strange and scary to think about, that Ollie wasn’t just being a friend to her but rather that he was falling for her with every passing second.

No, he was going to do something about this. He was going to tell her. It wouldn’t matter if she rejected him, because there were other times in which he could ask anyone out. It wasn’t a big deal. BUT IT WAS. Because he really liked her, and he really just wanted to hold her hand and buy her ice cream and make her laugh. After another half hour or so of contemplating, laying on the sofa with his head hanging from one of its arms, Oliver decided he was going to ask his father, because his father knew all of that stuff. After all, he’d managed to win Ollie’s mum over and have two wonderful and awesome and super good looking children. Not that Ollie planned to marry Victoria, oh no. Oliver was more worried about what she would do! What if she slaps me? What if she hits me in my personal parts and calls me a weirdo? Oh, heavens.

He quickly put on a sweatshirt, it was bright neon orange so everyone could see him miles away, grabbed parchment and a quill and ran down to the Owlery. He really needed advice, from a real man. The steps seemed to last forever, neverending and incredibly tiring to climb. Oliver had grown, he was now Victoria’s height, so she surely couldn’t pull the ‘I don’t date anyone shorter than me’ card. And he looked more like an actual male human than a female human, because he hated to admit that when he was younger....he resembled a little girl. His facial features had also changed slightly, he looked older, he looked his age, and he was very glad that this so-called puberty thing was finally going to hit him. Actually, Ollie secretly hoped it would just slap him hard in the face and turn him into a man. Like his father. He couldn't imagine Victoria and him together, because Victoria was so beautiful and Ollie was just....scrawny and tall. There weren't any real 'mesmerizing' features in him, the kind that girls like and all that. No, he needed to stop thinking about that. They were friends, she’d be real and truthful. Yeah.

He practically ran up the steps two at a time, he needed to figure out what to do because he was stuck. He was stuck between wanting to wing it to see what happened and putting some thought into it and actually impressing her. Oliver finally reached the owlery after a few minutes of almost dying and giving up on the way, and the smell of birds and poop filled his lungs as he took a deep breath. Ew, gross. Ignoring the smell and various feathers flying about the place, he took out his parchment, which was now wrinkled, and wrote down his thoughts.

“Hey, Dad!

Before you come after me with fire and threats for not responding to Mum’s weekly mail, I want to say that my mind has been all over the place. It’s pretty strange to even ask you about this, or TELL you, for that matter. However, I cannot possibly ask Matthew because he didn’t do a very good job with Ariadne, did he? Anyway, there’s this girl I like and I want to ask her out. Problem is, I don’t know how to do it properly and even then, I don’t know where to take her in the given case that she says yes. I think you know who she is, but I’m not saying names in case it’s actually Mum reading this letter and not you. PLEASE DON’T TELL MUM! I don’t want to have the awkward mother-son conversations and stuff. I can live without those, for sure. I think you're my best option right now, because I can't exactly ask Blake either. That would be a strange thing to bring up specially since I suspect he thinks I really only live for trees...Anyway, help? I wouldn't care if you send some sort of care package too, with sweets and stuff like that. Yeah?


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Wearing My Heart On My Sleeve (CLOSED)
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