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 Transfiguration (Years 5-7)

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Sebastian Wilcox

Sebastian Wilcox

Posts : 22
Join date : 2014-10-24
Age : 24

PostSubject: Transfiguration (Years 5-7)   Mon Nov 03, 2014 5:38 am

Sebastian sat at his desk with his feet up on the table. His first lesson had gone smoothly, and now he knew the second group would be more difficult because they were older, and ready to get out of school. He had something fun planned for today, and it wasn't something simple like turning a goblet into a frog. It was something much bigger than that.

Something fantastic. Something, so remarkable the kids would be talking about it for ages. Sebastian giggled at himself. His idea was mearly a reverse of the other class. Since now he had tones of frogs in a cage, he needed them to disappear some how... So he sat a frog at each desk, and then stated on the board, "Your task is to turn each frog into a goblet." Yes, that will get them.
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Aoife O'Donnell
Aoife O'Donnell

Posts : 1170
Join date : 2013-10-29
Age : 21

My Character
Activity: Gryffindor - Year 7, Head Girl

PostSubject: Re: Transfiguration (Years 5-7)   Mon Nov 03, 2014 12:17 pm

Aoife didn't much like Transfiguration, but she realised it was a fairly important subject so she still took it. They had a new professor now - that might make things a bit more interesting, but she didn't know who the person was, so it could go either way really. She left breakfast a bit early, as soon as she'd shoved a piece of toast into her mouth, and headed straight to class. Only when she was almost there did she notice that there was a mug of tea in her hands. Oh well. She could return it to the kitchens later. No rush. When she walked into the room, she gave the professor man a thumbs up and sat down in the middle. She felt like she wasn't cool enough to sit at the back most of the time. COMC was an exception. She took a sip of the tea. It was nice. But a bit too much sugar. She didn't like sugar in tea.



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Aeva Rivière
Aeva Rivière

Posts : 83
Join date : 2014-10-07
Age : 22

PostSubject: Re: Transfiguration (Years 5-7)   Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:49 am

Aeva walked down the corridors to where the map told her Transfiguration whatever the fuck that meant, was. Like, couldn't they make this stuff in French so she could understand? Why did she have to learn a new language? Why did she have to move? Aeva hated this school, like, what the hell was with these uniforms?  She refused to wear the robes, instead, she wore the black skirt, the green sweater and flats.

Seems she finally reached the door but there was only a professor and what she guessed was a student. She figured, as she pushed open the door, that maybe she was in the wrong class, but alas, she read the board. She wasn't wrong, and this class would be impossible. She walked to the back of the class and sat into a seat. She stared at the frog and sulked. She had no friends here, she could barely speak English and she sorta sucked at magic.

She stared at the fiery red hair in front of her and hoped that more people would come and that this class would end soon. She wanted so badly to be curled up in her bed right now under her huge duvet, but no, her mother would become a bitch if Aeva failed anything. She sighed before laying her wan on the table beside the frog. Why couldn't she be in control of her own life? She'd run away and marry Christophe and move to Paris.
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Hunter VanDerberg
Hunter VanDerberg

Posts : 1360
Join date : 2013-11-05
Age : 27
Location : Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

My Character
Activity: Trainee Auror

PostSubject: Re: Transfiguration (Years 5-7)   Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:49 am

Hunter had thought that transfiguration would actually be moderately cool. At first. Until he had discovered that you couldn't conjure food out of thin air. Because it was one of the exemptions to Gamp's elemental transfiguration law or whatever. And from that moment on, after feeling like his entire magical existence had been pretty much a lie - because what good was it to be magic if you couldn't conjure up food - transfiguration didn't seem nearly as exciting. But it was still moderately cool probably. Because Ariel's metamorphagus ability was awesome, and that was transfiguration-ish.

When he got there, he was early. Which was bullshit. Hunter hated being early, and he seriously needed to stop. And there were only two people in the room besides the professor - some new girl. Probably another transfer - where the fuck were they all coming from, anyway? And Aoife. Hunter sighed, making his way into the room. He gave Aoife a smile, but dropped his things in the back, as far away from the new girl as he could. The professor looked way too happy. But that wasn't a bad thing - it meant he probably wouldn't give a shit when Hunter was late next time.


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Sebastian Wilcox

Sebastian Wilcox

Posts : 22
Join date : 2014-10-24
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Transfiguration (Years 5-7)   Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:28 pm

Sebastian saw that a Gryffindor had shown up first with tea. Pity, if she had brought him a cup, he would've given her extra bonus points on top of being early, and the first one. He smiled and said, "Welcome, 20 points to Gryffindor." At that moment, another Gryffindor walked in. He sighed. This was blasphemy. Why were none of his fellow Ravenclaw's showing up? He said, "Eh, oh well, 20 points to you too!" He loved this power. It was excellent. Being able to award points, and most importantly take them away. He should just give everybody 20 points for showing up, then if they answer a question wrong, subtract 10 each question! He laughed an evil laugh to himself. A Slytherin walked in. He wanted to give her extra extra, for just not being a Gryffindor. He said, "30 points to you."

He said, "Let's start the lesson. You see the frogs on your desk? Of course you don't!"

He took his wand, and made caged frogs appear on their desks. MAGIC WAS GLORIUS. He said, "Today, you will be transfiguring the frogs back to goblets, as the first group changed the goblets into frogs. See what I did there? Well, 15 points to the person who can answer the counter spell to change them back. And, go!"

Sebastian was having a little too much fun... He just hoped a Ravenclaw showed up....
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PostSubject: Re: Transfiguration (Years 5-7)   

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Transfiguration (Years 5-7)
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