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 Brotherly Love (Sebastian)

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Chad Wilcox


Posts : 43
Join date : 2014-07-04

My Character
Activity: Muggle Studies Professor

PostSubject: Brotherly Love (Sebastian)   Sun Nov 02, 2014 2:39 pm

Chad had just been about to settle down in the armchair in his chambers next to the Slytherin common room and drink a load of firewhiskey and eat a load of pizza rolls when he received a letter. It was from, apparently, the new Transfiguration professor, telling him that they needed to talk about something. It seemed suspicious. But Chad was too curious not to go and find out what it was all about.

So, still carrying a bottle of firewhiskey and a plate of pizza rolls, not caring about the students still at Hogwarts seeing him with the alcohol, he walked quickly along the corridor. He didn't know where this Sebastian bloke would be, but the first place he'd try was the guy's office, which coincidentally was next door to his. If they turned out to be best buddies, it wasn't far for him to go. But for some reason, he doubted they would be best buddies from that serious sounding letter. Maybe this guy was from the ministry, and wanted to know why he didn't give a shit about anything, classes in particular?

Oh well, he was about to find out. Without bothering to knock, he pushed open the door and saw that there was someone there behind the desk. "I'm Chad Wilcox," he introduced. "I got your letter, what is it you want? Could you make it quick, I have... things to do." Firewhiskey and pizza rolls. Oh, there was still a plate of the wonderful things in his hand. "Do you want a pizza roll?" Hopefully he wasn't a stuffy pureblood who'd never experienced the joys of pizza rolls before?
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Sebastian Wilcox


Posts : 22
Join date : 2014-10-24
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Brotherly Love (Sebastian)   Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:22 pm

His mother had told him about his mysterious brother. She had learned it from his asswhole father in a letter after he had abandoned them. And naturally, he wanted to find more information on the bloke, so he did some "research".

Ok, it was considered mild stalking, but he figured the bloke wouldn't mind. He found out that he took his nephew in, and was teaching muggle studies at Hogwarts. Considering his age, they would've been maybe one or two years apart. But they had been in different houses so wouldn't of known each other.

Sebastian sent the dude called Chad a very vague letter. Just simply stating that he wanted to speak with him. Sebastian was nervous. He wondered how chad would react to finding out that he had a brother.

Or let alone that Sebastian was doing the same things he did to get close to him. Ok... He would leave that part out... He didn't want to scare him away. So it was then when not only be didn't hear a knock, but be just walked right into his office.

Dude needed to learn manners. That was one way they where completely different. He asked what was wrong. Or more likely what he wanted, and offered pizza rolls. The things sure good, but Sebastian had lived off of them through out his adolescence years, so he said, " oh, no thanks. And I think this will take longer than a second..."

Sebastian was worried he wouldn't accept him, as a brother or a human being. So, he started, "My last name is Wilcox."

He hoped that would set off some sort of alarm in his head. Of course if would mean that they where related. But Sebastian wondered if he would get how right away. This was a big step. And potentially life changing.
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Chad Wilcox


Posts : 43
Join date : 2014-07-04

My Character
Activity: Muggle Studies Professor

PostSubject: Re: Brotherly Love (Sebastian)   Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:20 pm

Chad's first impressions of this guy were not great. Not great at all. In fact, he had decided that he didn't like Sebastian. First of all, he had sent him a weird letter which was pointless because it didn't explain anything. Then, he had practically forced him to come up to his office. And now, he was refusing the kind offer of hot, tasty pizza rolls. What a wanker. But now that he had made his way up here, he felt he had to stay just to hear this big important thing that couldn't be explained in a nice simple letter.

Longer than a second? Oh, the nerve of this bloke. Rolling his eyes, he took a seat in front of the desk and wriggled about a bit, deciding to make himself comfortable if he was going to be here hours to hear this majestic crazily important thing.

He took another pizza roll for himself, along with a big swig of his firewhiskey bottle to wash it down. And give him the patience to stay here. All he needed to do was convince himself that it would all be worth it in the end. And that he did.

But then he heard it. Bullshit. Why had he bothered coming here? God, he was such a moron sometimes. "You do realise that Wilcox is a fairly common English name?" Chad drawled, glancing down at his watch indiscreetly. "And anyway, we can't be related at all because of how much better looking I am than you." He smirked at his own words. Obviously Sebastian was much younger looking and more attractive than him. "Dumbass," he added under his breath, maybe loud enough to be heard.
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Sebastian Wilcox


Posts : 22
Join date : 2014-10-24
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Brotherly Love (Sebastian)   Mon Nov 03, 2014 5:29 am

Ok..... Typical Slytherin this bloke was. And he, Sebastian Wilcox, was not a "dumbass." He then brought out the evidence. A letter from his birth father to his mother explaining why he left, for his kid, and his wife. The letter clearly stated both parents names, AND Chad's name as well, so  he couldn't argue that the letter was about different people. Sebastian said, "This may be a bit of a shock to you, and I understand if you need time to think it over. But I just learned about it too, I'm an only child, and I think it would be cool to have a brother. But that's just me..."

Sebastian sat back in his chair, letting the information sink into the blokes head. It might take a while considering everything that had happened thus far. Sebastian smiled to himself. He had all the evidence in one letter. One letter that told everything that had happened. He hoped they could get past the creepiness of the situation, and become at least friends. He could only hope so anyways.
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PostSubject: Re: Brotherly Love (Sebastian)   

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Brotherly Love (Sebastian)
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