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 Howlers (Agnes)

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Hunter VanDerberg

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PostSubject: Howlers (Agnes)   Wed Oct 15, 2014 2:51 pm

Hunter's appetite still hadn't come back completely, but it wasn't the food that drew him into the great hall for lunch that day. The tables were packed, and his eyes quickly glanced around until they found her - Agnes. Good, she was here. Looking away, he spotted Blake a bit further down the table and headed over to sit next to him. Hunter took a roll from in front of him and bit into it, trying to ignore the dry taste that food still took in his mouth, and glanced back at Agnes again. Because she was the reason he was here.

They'd made up since the train incident - or, at least, she'd apologized and Hunter had accepted it. They were on speaking terms now - actually, Hunter was coming to find that she wasn't so bad at all. But did she really think she'd get away with what she'd done on the train without any retaliation? That she could just apologize and it would all be fine? She didn't know enough about Hunter yet to understand that he didn't work that way. Lucky for her, his revenge was much more good-natured than what she'd done to deserve it, and only involved embarrassing her momentarily in front of the entire school every few days or so.

Howlers. When Hunter had heard about them, he'd run to the post office in Hogsmeade to grab a whole pack of them, because what better way was there to send mail? Honestly, they seemed like something that Zonko's should sell instead of the post office. And now, he'd finally found the opportunity to use them. On a frequent basis, Agnes Beaumont received a howler with the mail, which then opened, shouted something loud and embarrassing to her that echoed across the great hall, and then burst into flames. It was ingenious, really. Ariel would be proud - that was, if their friendship was still in tact, which it wasn't. Taking another bite from his roll, Hunter leaned an elbow on the table and watched as owls began to swoop into the great hall.


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Agnes Beaumont

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PostSubject: Re: Howlers (Agnes)   Wed Oct 15, 2014 8:40 pm

English food was okay. It wasn't as good as her country's traditional dishes, but Agnes had learned to enjoy the sausages and rolls and tomatoes and pumpkin juices. She especially liked the pumpkin juice. She was reading her Charms textbook, researching how spells really worked and how some had even come to be. Agnes wanted to pass that class with an Outstanding, regardless of how easy the professor was. She was going to blow his mind. Oh, and Hunter would too since they were partners.

The page became blurred, which meant she was focusing on that certain part too much. Rubbing her eyes, she looked around to see if either Victoria or Hunter had come to lunch. She didn't see either of them, but maybe that was because she was focused on the ideas she had for the project, not so much on the people. Looking down at the table, she noticed her plate was still empty. That couldn't be, she had been in the Great Hall for about twenty minutes now! It was then that she noticed the grumbling in her stomach. Closing her textbook, Agnes decided to take a break and get some real food in her body. She took some bread and decided to make herself a sandwich.

Sandwiches were good, easy to make and healthy enough that she could take a slice of chocolate pie later. Agnes LOVED chocolate pie. It was her one true desire in life. Taking a quick look at her edible masterpiece, Agnes picked up her sandwich and prepared to take a bite. However, she heard the terrible screeching of the post owls, and that could only mean one thing. Howlers. Her brown eyes growing wide, Agnes dropped her food almost instantly. Oh, hell no. She had had enough of those embarrassing yelling messages. If she got another one today she would really lose it.

It wasn't that she found the howlers annoying, it was the things they said that annoyed her. Things like " I know we're not in Professor Le Blanc's class, but you're still charming. " and "Did you survive the Avada Kedavra curse? Because you're drop dead gorgeous." She actually wouldn't have minded these things if they were told to her personally, but they were yelled at her via an exploding talking envelope. In fact, Agnes actually liked pick up lines. She liked using them on her friends, like she did with Alexandre, but having them be told to her was entirely different.

And, what was the point of this anyway? Why this person, if he or she was serious, say something to her? If it was a guy, then he obviously didn't have enough balls to talk to her in person, therefore he wasn't worth it. If it was a girl, Agnes would obviously have to tell her she wasn't a lesbian, but the girl would still not be brave enough to talk to Agnes so she wasn't worth it either. For a while she had thought it was Alexandre, trying to make her feel less miserable about being the new girl, but she'd asked him about it and he was pretty sure he hadn't sent them. Of course, Agnes wanted to know who was sending these things!

Her hands covered her head, as if she could hide underneath them and the owls would miss her. Those damn owls were too smart to be birds, though. Sure enough, there was a bundle of mail for Agnes. Waiting a few seconds, with nothing exploding anywhere near her, she looked up and saw that it was just regular mail. Yes! Letters from Ansel and her mother, and the Daily Prophet. She jumped in excitement at her normal and boring mail and started to open the first letter, the one from her mother, and had only gotten to the first sentence when a burgundy package landed in front of her. Uh-Uh.

Before she could push it aside to pretend it actually belong to the guy across from her, it rose from the table and began shaking uncontrollably. A few of the students around her were already waiting to hear something ridiculous, as she often sat on that same spot. Their smirks and side comments made her cheeks burn and turn tomato red, Agnes was very close to being done with this. Absolutely done. "Did you sit in a pile of sugar?" The howler demanded to know. Confused, Agnes shook her head lightly and the howler continued, "Because you have a pretty sweet ass!"

Oh. My. Gosh. Agnes didn't even see it burst into flames, she buried her head in her hands and tried to ignore the laughter from the people around her. She needed to know who this person was, desperately, so that she could make him, or her, stop. This had gone too far, way too far. Rising from the table, she turned on her heels to look around. There must be someone in the Great Hall who knew about this. There must be. Determined to put an end to the embarrassment, she examined every face until she landed on one she hadn't seen up close since the day at the courtyard, but that seemed to always be around to be familiar enough for her.

Evan Williams.

Hunter had mentioned him, because it had gotten out that she'd kneed him after he touched her inappropriately. Well, the part about her injuring his boy parts was what people knew about, not about his pervertedness. She stared at him for a few moments, taking in the way his hair was styled and how he always looked clean and sophisticated. He was a Ravenclaw, of course he looked perfect. She had been here for less than a semester and had already taken notice of how all Ravenclaws looked like something painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. Evan Williams was no exception.

It must be him. There was no other person who would comment on her behind. It all made sense, though! He was always around. Always. If she went to the library to study, he arrived shortly after she did. If she was out by the lake talking with the few friends she'd made, he was always nearby. If she was out in the courtyard practicing spells and transfiguration, his little feline friend was always there, obviously followed by the owner. Could it be-? She wondered, her eyes narrowing as she looked at him. Could Evan Williams have a crush on her?

Well, it certainly looked like it. Agnes had forgotten that she was standing in the middle of the Great Hall, staring at the Ravenclaw table. The confused looks of the people around her brought her back to earth. Grabbing her sandwich, textbook and her mail, she walked out of the Great Hall, taking one last look at Evan Williams. She was not happy about this. Not one bit. Evan Williams would get something back, Agnes just didn't know what right now.

- - -

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Howlers (Agnes)
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