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 Ariella Capulet

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Ariella Capulet
Ariella Capulet

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PostSubject: Ariella Capulet   Ariella Capulet EmptyWed Oct 01, 2014 7:32 pm

Ariella Capulet Mcg4yu

Ariella Capulet Ariell11
Ariella Waverly Capulet

Ariella Capulet 19s5f8

Full Name:Ariella Waverly Capulet
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 14
Age: 22
Blood: Pureblood,
Nationality:  British,
Education: Hogwarts, Gryffindor

Ariella Capulet 9qbsdu

Family: Victoria and Artemis meet when they where in school. And it seemed like a fairytale love. They married right after finishing Hogwarts. Victoria was a Ravenclaw and Artemis was a Hufflepuff. The Capulets are a well off pureblood family. Even thought that they tried to teach Ariella that she isn't any better than a halfblood. Ariella was their only child, and they knew that she was spoiled. But they knew that it was there faults for making her like that.

History: Ariella was born to Victoria and Artemis Capulet. She is an only child because they found out that Victoria wasn't able to have anymore children. They were lucky that Ariella came out healthy. But they decided that they was going to spoil her; since she was the only one. When she was younger she would always wondered what a little brother or sister would be like. When she got her letter to go to Hogwarts she was excited. She only got the best things for school. And always would shop at Hogsmede when she was in her third year.

She was in the Gryffindor house, even though she thought that she was a Slytherin. Ariella was always the type of person that had people following her around. And she knew that most of them where fake. She couldn't help that she was a very popular person. When she was done with school, she didn't have any plans on getting a job. With her family's money, she would never have to. But she knew that she wanted to be a famous pop star. And she knew that if she wanted it, she was going to have to work for it.
Ariella Capulet 1zecfhc

Appearance: Ariella is very short. One thing that people always noticed about her. But she really didn't care, because she knew that guys love dating short girls. She is only 5'0 ½. She has brown eyes and has a slender body type.

Personality: Ariella is a girl who is a spoiled. She thinks that she can get whatever she wants. But she has a lot of people who follow her that she knows is fake friends. Ariella doesn't care if she has real friends. But she loves to shop and spend money. When she is by herself she loves to read some muggle books. One of her dreams was always becoming famous. But that was something that she was going to hold onto. She wanted to become a famous singer and have everybody come to pay and watch her. She has a bit of  a diva attitude.

Ariella Capulet Nbt8xd

Ariella walked into The Three Broomsticks. She was going to get some butterbeer before her shopping trip. This was one of the many times that nobody was with her. And that was something that she liked, peace and quiet. Sometimes it was hard being perfect all the time. It seemed like everybody wanted to be her. But she then smiled as she grabbed her drink and then went to find a table by herself. Ariella knew that it wouldn't be long till someone would find her and follow her around.
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Oliver Bennett
Head Boy
Head Boy
Oliver Bennett

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My Character
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PostSubject: Re: Ariella Capulet   Ariella Capulet EmptyWed Oct 01, 2014 8:05 pm

ACCEPTED! Very Happy

Ariella Capulet Sig
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Ariella Capulet
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