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 Agnes' Threads

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Agnes Beaumont
Agnes Beaumont

Posts : 217
Join date : 2014-09-10
Age : 23

My Character
Activity: Gryffindor Alumni, Photographer, Daily Prophet Journalist

Agnes' Threads Empty
PostSubject: Agnes' Threads   Agnes' Threads EmptySat Jan 23, 2016 1:50 am

Agnes' Threads Tumblr_static_5ay9051irm0444w4ckcocgo0c


Pretty updated as of now.

This is before Agnes arrived to Britain, she was still living in France.

Last edited by Agnes Beaumont on Sat Jan 23, 2016 2:57 am; edited 1 time in total
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Agnes Beaumont
Agnes Beaumont

Posts : 217
Join date : 2014-09-10
Age : 23

My Character
Activity: Gryffindor Alumni, Photographer, Daily Prophet Journalist

Agnes' Threads Empty
PostSubject: Re: Agnes' Threads   Agnes' Threads EmptySat Jan 23, 2016 2:54 am

This thread is so insignificant don't even read it.

Soon after arriving to Britain, Agnes meets with her good friend Alexandre.


Nothing really important. Just a start of term thread.

Agnes yelled at the Fat Lady. Agnes doesn't like the Fat Lady.

Agnes doesn't like to be interrupted. NOPE.

I never replied, but it's two posts so go ahead and read it. Agnes would have probably run out of the room in a panic.

It's an introductory post. Your choice.

I literally don't even remember this thread.

Howlers (With Hunter The Git)
With Hunter VanDerberg. It's an easy read, just READ IT.

Messed Up Kids (With Hunter VanDergit)
This is a good thread. I enjoyed this one. IT'S LIKE 213092 PARAGRAPHS, BUT IT IS WORTH IT. They bond and all.

With Many people. Hunter gives alcohol to Agnes....and to a lot of other people.

Princes and Oranges (With Evan Williams)
You know that one person that always leaves you hanging because he's lazy as fuck? Yeah, that's Evan.
[quote="Oddmund Hansen"]Okay, this thread is going to stay as it is now.
Summary of what happened next:
- Basically it can be discovered by reading Agnes/Hunter thread somewhere in the Griffindor Tower[/quote

Bad Decisions (With Hunter VanDerberg)
They do it.

Now Waiting (With Lyrica Hexem)
I'm like a drunk human when it comes to threads.

One shot. Not my best. DON'T READ.

Nothing To Be Worried About
Pretty funny. Despite the fact that Agnes is preggo eggo.

Oh, Shit.
I mean, the title says it all.

Anger Management  (With Ariadne O'Reily and Matthew Bennett)
I have nothing to say about this thread because I didn't even remember it until I saw it a few seconds ago.

Consequences (With Hunter VanDersexy)
I mean, am I right in Agnes being mad at Hunter for getting her pregnant? Am I right?

First We Eat
In here, we learn Agnes had a mild crush on Anthony Campero. Which is expected because he was hot af. BUT ANYWAY, Victoria learns Agnes is having a kid.

What Can I Say Now?
One Shot. Oh, the joys of motherhood.

Conclusions (With Hunter VanDerberg)
I hope you noticed this is the first time in this post I wrote Hunter's last name right. Anyway, here Hunter confronts Agnes because he flips shit since he thinks the kid is his.

The Clock Strikes Twelve
With many, many people. Haoife kiss on New Year's. Agnes rocks pregnancy.

Christmas Feasting
Fuck Evan

I can write pregnancy in a very awesome way.

Pineapple Chunks

Mission (With Rhys Riddle)
Agnes almost got raped, dawg.

Work On A Day Off

Bratty Kids (With Elita Malfoy)
Elita and Agnes are both adults with kids. BONDING TIME. lolz.
Jahs if you leave me hanging I swear.

Toddlers And Tantrums (With Victoria Campero)
Victoria is SUPPOSED to figure out Morgan is Hunter's kid in this thread but who know when Layla'll post again.

Walking on Sunshine (With Madeleine Riviere)
Morgan throws a tantrum and Madeleine helps out. Pretty nice thread.

French House Fun (With Hunter VanDerwhore)
They reunite for like three seconds.

Exploring (With Aoife O'Donnell)
Coworkers have to spend some time together, yo.

- - -

Agnes' Threads Agnesb10
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Agnes' Threads
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