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 Potions- Lesson One Homework

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PostSubject: Potions- Lesson One Homework   Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:30 pm

Your homework assignment is to research one potion from the textbook under Grade 1 that you found interesting and why, and give me some information about it.

Simple, yet I want it informative. It is due before the next lesson.

THE HOMEWORK IS TO BE SENT BY PM. This is a new rule enforced by me. Don't freak since this post is locked.

After the homework assignments have all been turned in, in role-play, after I ask for it, I will post a copy of each of your homework below with the amount of house points you get.

Note: I am not fair. So don't expect all 20 points even if you did the best in the class.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions- Lesson One Homework   Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:58 am


James Riddle wrote:
James Riddle
First Year

Potions Homework: The Wiggenweld Potion

The Wiggenweld Potion is a very useful brew whose effects can be employed for several different purposes, although its primary aim remains to cure minor damage. Its versatility makes this mixture very consumed throughout the wizarding world.

This Wiggenweld Potion, often recognizable by its clear blue colour and its sugary taste, is not very hard to make, being one of the brews taught in Potions class to students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry, though the difficulty depends on the intensity of the potion itself, going from beginner for a mixture with weak restorative properties to advanced for one with strong ones (the stronger version is sometimes known as Grand Wiggenweld Potion). The making process is also not very long, as it only takes less than an hour to brew the potion, and some additional time to let it cool down before being able to drink it. However, the ingredients required to make it are numerous and various, and not all of them are very easy to find or to buy. The more notable ones are the Wiggentree bark, the bark of the tree to which the Wiggenweld Potion owes its name. Although not very rare, this magical rowan is quite difficult to approach once found, as it is guarded by Bowtruckles, hand-sized creatures made of twigs and bark who guard the tree at all times and wouldn’t hesitate to attack anyone who threatens it. Another hard to get ingredient is the Unicorn horn, as this mythical creature can only be found in specific places, and although it can be bought, it is usually quite expensive. Finally, Mandrake is equally difficult to come by, due to the fact that it can take more than several months for this magical plant to mature, and the dangers linked with growing it make it a highly prized item.

Apart from its interesting making process and ingredients, the Wiggenweld Potion is also fascinating due to its uses. The brew can be applied both to humans and to magical creatures, including pets, although every species will not react to it the same way, and some may outright reject it. The primary use of the Wiggenweld Potion is to cure minor damage, in other words heal small injuries. These may include shallow cuts, as well as first-degree burns (such as sunburns). When rubbed on a wound on someone’s skin, it will help it regenerate and heal faster than it usually would and can prevent scarring with more serious injuries (the same result can be reached by consuming the mixture). These restorative properties make it a very important brew for hospitals, which often tend to incorporate it into bandages and casts. This curative ability mainly comes from Dittany, a medicinal plant entering the composition of the potion, whose healing properties seemed to be enhanced by the other ingredients of the brew. It is also recommended to drink a few drops of the potion on a regular basis with a beverage such as tea, as it helps maintain the drinker’s health (although one should not take too much of it, as an excess can be harmful). Other than its healing use, the Wiggenweld Potion can also be employed as a cure for the Draught of Living Death, an extremely powerful sleeping draught, which sends the drinker into a death-like slumber. In other words, it has the ability to awaken someone from this magically-induced sleep.

The Wiggenweld Potion definitely stands out, for its various and interesting ingredients, as well as for its multiple uses, that make it very useful in many types of situations, while remaining quite simple to make and accessible.

Aurora Finnigan wrote:
Aurora Finnigan
First Year

Shivering Potion

The Shivering Potion is, when properly brewed, a light, icy blue color, like snow. It is, in reality, a Chilling Potion, but has the main effect of making the recipient shiver uncontrollably. It has a minty, snow-like flavor, very strong, so to attempt to conceal it would require great effort. If it is brewed correctly, the snow in the potion will be overpowering, freezing the person and causing their innards to be so cold, snowflakes will come out of their mouth when breathing. It is good neither to take it regularly, for it can act like a drug, and eventually cause heart problems, nor all at once, for it will cause pneumonia or tuberculosis. The ingredients all are related to winter or cold, but the Incendio Charm must be used while making the potion. The crystal phial used to hold the potion must be thick, or else it will freeze and crack.

Ella Fontayne wrote:
The potion I found most interesting was bezoar. To me this is interesting because instead of being more in a liquid potion form, it's hard like a rock or stone. I also find it interesting that something formed in a goats stomach could be so useful and magical.

Bezoar is a stone-like mass taken from the stomach of a goat that acts as an antidote to most poisons. It is usually made of hair, plant fiber, or similar indigestible matter that stays in the gut of an animal and forms a hard ball or "stone".

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Potions- Lesson One Homework
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