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 Into The Book (Chole Gracen)

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PostSubject: Into The Book (Chole Gracen)   Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:19 am

Cj joyfully pounced down the corridor in her informal manner. Today had been a great day. Classes went well, she was all caught up on grades, and she had gotten some one on one time with the plants. Now she was just heading to the staff room for some friendly socializing with her co-workers (whom she knew very few of). Whenever she was confronted with the task of making small talk with one of them, she shied away. Cj was never much one for talking, especially of meet-n-greet type.

"Put it away!"

Cj stopped in her tracks and slowly turned at the group of Slytherins bundled around a boy in the middle of the hallway. Switching directions, she started to tiptoe towards them with one eyebrow curiously raised. They all watched her approach looking as though they were petrified. "What an odd place to hang out," she murmured to herself trying to make sense of their suspicious behavior. Cj's heart started to beat a little faster. Would she have to punish them? Please no - she was never one for administering punishment, not even when she was a prefect during her Hogwarts years.

"What are you lovely children doing on this fine afternoon?" She asked with a big, happy smile. Slowly, one by one, the group started to disband with excuses such as "Gotta go study for that test, Professor." - "Have to go feed my cat?" And then there were two; only two students out of the whole group were left. The taller one with strawberry blond hair began to run away, "I didn't help him!" Cj turned towards the last one, the smallest of the group.

"What didn't he help you with?" For a moment the boy looked at his shoes, and then he lifted his head and pulled a small black book from his cloak. "I-I got this from the restricted section without permission." He started to tear up and Cj's heart melted as she pulled the book from his sweaty grasp. "Go," she muttered. "Don't do this again - please." He was off in no time.

Cj continued on her journey. It wasn't long before she was standing in front of the staff room door. She sighed. She heaved. She began to turn around. Eventually, she forced herself through the door. In the room there was a fellow professor that she had automatically recognized from the Great Hall. "Umm - hello," she said with a forced smile. Sitting down at the table, she prepared herself to see what the big buzz about this book was; after all, she needed a distraction from her awkwardness.

As soon as she opened to the first page, Cj felt this overwhelming sense of tingling in her body. Looking around the room, figures started to blur and the scent turned into that of a fruity variety. Soon enough she could no longer see anything and she felt as though she had just fell and hit something hard.
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Chloe Gracen


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PostSubject: Re: Into The Book (Chole Gracen)   Thu Aug 21, 2014 9:54 pm

Chloe was just sitting in the teachers room, when the new teacher came in. She didn't know her very well, or at all, and wanted to get to know more teachers around the school. She didn't know why, she mainly kept to herself and her stars. She guessed it was because she traveled by herself so often.

She said, "Hello." to the new teacher, but at that moment, she had sat down a book and had got SUCKED INTO IT. Holy... What in the hell. There were literally no words for what just happened. She stud up and tucked her hair behind her ears, and went towards the book. She did what the new teacher did and turned a page. At that moment, just like the other Professor, she was SUCKED INTO THE BOOK.

Was she high? She didn't think so. Because if she was, then the other Professor was too. But, she guessed that magic was a great and mysterious thing. And that was what it was. Mysterious. Even she hadn't covered EVERYTHING there was to know about it.

She looked around, suddenly curious about her surroundings, and where she ended up at. She found the other Professor, who looked just as confused as she did. She stood up and instantly looked at the sky. She did that when she was lost, as she could tell where she was. But this sky was new. It was different and unlike anything she had ever seen.

She was now suddenly very uncomfortable, and she didn't like it at all.

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PostSubject: Re: Into The Book (Chole Gracen)   Sat Aug 23, 2014 11:06 pm

Cj was in shock - if that's what you would call it. She sat on the ground composed of dirt gazing around confusedly at her surroundings. Mushrooms with large and uneven tops were colored with the most of unusual of patterns ranging from polka-dotted to crazy stripes. The land features (such as the ground and crazily shaped trees) had a cartoon-ish characteristic to them. The sky was composed of a beautiful array of colors. There were blues and purples and pinks, and in the far corner was a beautiful, gold sun that shined throughout the land. Cj looked back at her fellow Professor who had arrived only moments after her.

"Do you know where we are?" she asked as she pushed herself from the ground. Everything here seemed amplified from the fungi to the birds, but Cj was confused and scared; it was a feeling she couldn't explain with words. Cj couldn't keep from cursing herself in her head - Dragon Dung! Firewhiskey Fuzzwhiskers! She had gotten her and this other chick into something explainable. "Should we explore? Or stay here and wait? I've never really been in a situation like this." Cj said as she glanced at the various wonderful attributes of this foreign territory. And then from out of nowhere, Cj heard a loud purr. Turning, she raised one eyebrow. There was a lack of cat.

"Do you not know where you are, my dearies?"

chesire cat dialogue
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PostSubject: Re: Into The Book (Chole Gracen)   

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Into The Book (Chole Gracen)
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