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 Just … Gone [A Wilde family one-shot]

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Just … Gone [A Wilde family one-shot] Empty
PostSubject: Just … Gone [A Wilde family one-shot]   Just … Gone [A Wilde family one-shot] EmptyMon Jun 30, 2014 11:45 pm

Darcy's eyes were fixed upon the gray clouds outside her window. She was sitting on the window seat, her arms wrapped around her knees, and her forehead leaning against the window. Her head was hurting. No wonder, really. Her head had been aching ever since she sat her foot off the Hogwarts express and only her mother had been there to pick her and Ariel up. Jack was always there when they returned from Hogwarts. This time he hadn't been.

The last days had been a complete mess. She had finished her OWLs, and she was pretty sure that though she oughtn't have failed more than one, but she didn't think she'd have more than one outstanding, and many of them would simply have been acceptable. She should've spent more time studying. But the last six months ever since she got that letter from home, she'd been feeling so heavy. And nothing had really helped her much.

As something flashed outside and was followed by a deep, low rumble, Darcy sighed. Thunder. Yes, because that would make her feel so much better. Note the sarcasm. She closed her eyes in resignation. At Hogwarts, things hadn't been as bad as they were here, home. At Hogwarts, she had been distant. Things were surreal there. But now she was home, and her father should be there. But he wasn't. He was at the hospital.

The hospital. Darcy had never believed herself to be one of the people who winded up hating the hospital. But she definitely hated it now. She went there every morning now. And she couldn't stand the smell, she couldn't stand the doctors. They were unable to do anything. Her father had gotten a rare disease. Muggles had cancer, wizards had … whatever this was called. Not to mention it was contagious. Very contagious. Darcy couldn't be in the same room as her father without wearing a tight gear that kept them from having any sort of skin contact. She couldn't hug her own father properly.

Also, Ariel seemed to be extremely scared by the entire situation. And even though Darcy was doing her very best to keep Ariel happy, it took a lot of energy from her, and Ariel wasn't blind, she saw this. And Darcy didn't deny it. That would take even more energy. Darcy was also watching over the house as Mary was staying at the hospital over night. Darcy would also have wanted this, even despite how much she hated hospitals. Being with her father 24/7 didn't seem like an awful thing in her own mind right now. But the hospital wouldn't let her, and she had to take care of Ariel.

As a knock came to the door, Darcy didn't move. She knew it was Ariel, and she also halfway expected the girl to start singing 'Do you wanna build a snowman', but, thankfully, she didn't. Ariel seemed to always be singing on Frozen songs lately, after having forced Darcy to watch it with her when they got back from Hogwarts. Well, forced and forced. Darcy liked the movie, just not as much as Ariel did. It was an old movie as well. Darcy would've thought Ariel would rather like the new Disney movies like Valkyrie or something. But she was stuck in 2013, watching Frozen over and over. Thank Merlin, Ariel could actually sing, though!

"Yes," Darcy said and Ariel pushed the door open. Darcy instantly saw how miserable her babysister was. Her hair wasn't the golden blonde locks, or the sweet, chocolaty color. It was a cold, dark color that spoke of no warmth, and her eyes had gone from happy blue to icy gray. Watching her sister like this hurt Darcy in ways she never had imagined mental pain could cause.

Darcy spread her arms out, and Ariel rushed over, soon wrapped up in Darcy's embrace. They sat/lay on the window seat for a long time, not saying anything. Words had been scarce in the house lately. It hadn't been necessary to talk much. Words didn't at all bring comfort. What would bring comfort was being embraced by her father. Darcy leaned her chin on the top of Ariel's head, and they stayed like that.

After what felt like about an hour, Darcy finally cleared her throat. "We should probably eat something," she said, her voice hoarse from not being used much. Ariel nodded slightly, but didn't move for a while. But then she was sitting. Darcy slowly rose up, not wanting to get a headrush and walked to her door. Her hand rested on the doorknob before she stopped. She turned around and gave Ariel a loopsided, half-hearted smile, saying: "We could go to that place a few blocks down? You know, the one mom doesn't want us to go to?"

Watching Ariel's eyes turning from gray to much more blueish, and her hair taking on a slight warmer color was worth so much to Darcy at that point. Ariel jumped up from the window seat and rushed over, opening the door. She was even smiling. Darcy chuckled and left the room, closing the door behind them. They walked into the hallway and was at the door, almost having closed it when a loud crack sounded through the apartment. Darcy stiffened. Mom. Mary being there now, at this time of the day, was not a good sign.

Darcy felt the blood leave her face and she felt extremely lightheaded as her body started slowly moving again. She took Ariel's hand and steered her back into the apartment. One look at the girl, and Darcy saw her hair and eyes had gone back to the dull and cold colors. Darcy shut the door, and a second later, Mary came rushing towards them. One look at her made Darcy know exactly what had happened. And her jaw clenched. It was impossible. But their mother's bloodshot eyes told how very possible it was. Something seemed to grab her heart and rip it from its place, a tremendous pain searing through her.

She didn't register it when her knees were unable to hold her weight and they hit the ground. She didn't register her tears as they fell down her face. She did, however, register the small, warm hands that wrapped themselves around her. And then a bit bigger arms, hugging them tightly, protectively. The sounds didn't register, but Darcy felt the shaking of the two bodies beside her. And suddenly she was heaving for air, and a bag was at her mouth and she breathed into it.

When her breath was steadying, her tears had dried up and her focus was back. Mary told them what had happened, how the doctors hadn't been able to save him. How their father was out of their lives for good. Suddenly, Darcy only felt empty. It felt like something had dug a hole in her chest. She should've been there. At the hospital. She should've. But would it have made a difference? Not at all. Her father was dead. A tremor shook her badly as the word registered in her mind. Dead. Gone. Forever.

Just … Gone [A Wilde family one-shot] 2cdwmdz
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Just … Gone [A Wilde family one-shot]
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