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Chloe Gracen


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Chapter 5:

The last and final installment of Taking over the World Is Such Hard Work:
(Professor Chad is such a bad ass)

Professor Chad was a mysterious figure. He had a knack for problem solving, and a thing for setting things right. He wasn't letting the massacre for more than half of his students go. In fact, he knew who did it. He had followed her into the building that night, and saw her. He was an eye witness, and he was sure she wouldn't want him blabbing her secret out to the police. So, he got a burner phone, and got ahold of her number somehow, even he didn't know how.

And texted: I know you did it. You should be ashamed of your self and you are going to die in hell.

There we go. That seemed alright. He sent the text, and a few minutes later, he received a reply, as if on cue.

It read:

Who are you? You may think you know, but you know nothing.

Professor Chad laughed a little bit. This girl was actually rather stupid. He had photographic evidence that she did it. He SAW her, and took pictures of her loading the gun into her vehicle then driving away, and ending up in the building that the massacre took place. He had replayed everything in his head that had happened. He replied to her text:

I know everything. I know you killed those kids, I know you kept that baby, and I know that Evan Williams is alive.

There. That would be enough evidence to convince her. She replied rather fast:

Who are you?

He replied, "Wanna meet and find out? I have a proposition."

She replied, "Sure. 909 Bruse Springsteen St. midnight. Don't be late."

He replied back, "Bring the baby AND Evan, or else I call the police and tell them EVERYTHING."

She didn't reply after that, but he knew she'd do what he told her to. He arrived at the place and time that she suggested, and she had the baby and Evan with her. He pulled up his black hood as to not be recognized, and walked out of his truck, sticking a gun in his pants. He hoped he didn't have to use it, as there was a child around and it would probably scar the poor thing half to death, but just in case. He remembered what happened to his students. She got out of the car and came to face him.

She asked, " Who are you and what do you want?"

He smirked. What did he want? He wanted to avenge his student's deaths. Was that so much to ask? He'd exploit her if he had to.

He replied, "I'm here to ask you why. Why did you kill those students? Why did you take the child? Why did you spare one, but not the rest?"

He looked into her beady eyes of death and she replied, "He was supposed to die. Detective Andrew failed at his one and only job. I took the child because I knew she'd be of use to me in my future plans. And as for the rest, revenge. Jo, that bitch, made my life a living hell I middle school. I cut off all my hair, died it weird colors, and tried to fit in, but her, and her gang still made my life hell well into my senior year of high school. That is why."

He understood now. They caused her pain, so she wanted them to feel the same pain she felt. But was death really necessary? It didn't explain everything.

He continued, "And why the child? You still haven't explain the child."

She snorted, "Isabelle. And it showed mercy with its sweet innocent eyes. I had to give in."

At that moment, he felt everything pile up at once. He saw Evan in the car and nodded to him. He had to get baby Isabelle out of here before things got serious. He had actually contacted (Special Agent Chad) Evan before hand, and they formed a plan to get rid of Vilde forever before her "Take over the world plan" got to much for her. At that moment, sirens sounded in the distance. He held out his gun, Evan (Evan turns bad ass here to) had placed the baby in a safe place, and held one behind her.

He said, "I've never been with you. Never liked you, and I HATE that you forced me into this life and made me die, theoretically speaking."

Vilde looked around her. The sirens where getting closer, and she had two guns pointed at her. Chad could really see it in her eyes that this was the end. This was the end of her torturing. Evan could finally get back to his life, and raise his daughter in a proper way. She went up to him and whispered something in his ear, then tried to kick him in his manly hood. But he was fast. He spun around like a ninja (#ninjaevan) and held her to the ground with her hands up above her head so she couldn't try and attack him again.

The police finally showed up. Chad told them his story, and they arrested Vilde. Later, he learned that she had been filed for the death penalty. Evan was able to keep baby Isabelle, but later found a letter from Maisie to Evan:


If you are reading this. Something bad has happened and I can no longer be in your life. I write this letter to tell you everything. I told you that Jovie was our baby, when in fact she is not. She is Jay's. I was with him the entire time I was with you and I feel terrible about it. I hoped I would get the romance with Jay, and the physical connection with you. I wanted both, but I wasn't getting it with both guys. But I want to let you know that our love was one-hundred percent real and I love you very much. I hope one day, you will find it in your will to forgive me, but if not...I'm sooo sorry. I wish I could say it in person.

I know this maybe to much to ask, but if something where to happen to me and Jay, there would be no one I could trust but you to look after baby Jovie. She is the love of my life now, and the only one I want to protect. I had also broken it off with Jay, as things where getting complicated with my feelings. He is still in Jovie's life, but not as much as I hoped he would be.

I hope this letter explains some things that I couldn't explain in person. In this letter, I hope you find happiness and closure with everything that we were and weren't.

I wish you all the best.

Maisie XOXO


Things had calmed down after that night. Vilde was gone, and Professor Chad was a hero. The letter he had gotten from Maisie changed him in so many ways. He learned that now called baby Jovie was not his daughter, and that Maisie never loved him, or the guy she cheated on him with/Jovie's father. Learning that Jovie wasn't his crushed him. But he balled up and adopted the little girl as his own. It was a bold move to do at 18 years old, but Evan felt like he had no choice. It was either that, or watch this little girl be put in an orphanage or foster care and moved from home to home. Something that was not fun, and that he experienced himself. He did not want to bourdon that little girl with that much pain. Evan now goes to school, with a part time job, has a baby sitter for Jovie, and raises her as his own. He vowed to be the perfect dad that he never had. In his own little way, he wanted revenge to.

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