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 Per'aps some tea! (Genevieve)

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Andre Jean-Louis Leblanc

Andre Jean-Louis Leblanc

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Per'aps some tea! (Genevieve) Empty
PostSubject: Per'aps some tea! (Genevieve)   Per'aps some tea! (Genevieve) EmptySun Jun 15, 2014 10:37 pm

Tea! If there was one delicacy that Andre truly loved, it would be a soft and soothing cup of tea! Tea had many helpful properties, after all, and was absolutely exquisite! So Andre said goodbye to his favorite chair with a sweep of his beret and took off from the castle for Hogsmeade. What a marvelous day zis is! he thought to himself as he breathed in the cool, but not unpleasant, air. Ze birch trees are coming back brilliantly, are zey not?! Nothing brought a smile to Andre's face like the sight of so many trees reviving themselves after such a long, hard winter! So much life!

When Andre stepped into Madame Puddifoot's, the most exquisite little tea shop Andre had ever seen, the little welcome bell rung softly. Now, the hard part! "Oh, but which flavor to choose?!" he exclaimed softly to himself, peering carefully at the menu to try and decide. "Irish breakfast... Or per'aps an 'erbal like chamomile!" Why was it always so hard for Andre to decide what to choose from menus? This decision was particularly difficult, because there was no type of wood tea. Oh, but he should suggest it! "Excuse me, Mademoiselle," he chirped happily to the woman behind the counter. "Per'aps in ze future, you might try adding a wood flavored tea to ze selection! It would be quite delightful! But in ze meantime, I'll 'ave ze chamomile!"

Once he had his tea, Andre went to sit down at one of the lovely little tables situated in the shop. He often sat by himself when drinking his tea, so that he could enjoy the flavor fully and not concern himself with entertaining another person. But a familiar face popped out at him as he scanned the tables, and with a big smile he approached. "Ah, but it cannot be Mademoiselle Decelle!" he exclaimed graciously, sweeping off his beret and falling into a half-bow in greeting. "Zis is a lovely surprise! I 'ope zat you remember me - you 'elped me choose ze appropriate flavor of ice cream when we last met!" She had been such a lovely, helpful frenchwoman! "Per'aps you would allow me to join you while I drink zis cup of tea?"

Per'aps some tea! (Genevieve) AndreSigComplete_zpsce76e4f3
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Per'aps some tea! (Genevieve) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Per'aps some tea! (Genevieve)   Per'aps some tea! (Genevieve) EmptyMon Jun 16, 2014 4:11 pm

Work was slow and boring that day. By the end of the day, Genevieve was regretting learning all those languages before, because now they were all swimming in her head again. It wasn't the first time that month that she had gotten 'Je m'appelle Genevieve Decelle' mixed up with 'Ich bin Genevieve Decelle', and '¿Cómo está?' with 'Come stai?'. When she thought about all of her mistakes, they all seemed like things you should know to avoid even in Kindergarten, but she kept doing them all over again. It was so confusing and frustrating at the same time.

When work was finished early, Genevieve apparated to Hogsmeade instead of back to her apartment. She usually went there for some butterbeer in The Three Broomsticks or sometimes during Christmas to pick out some presents to send her parents back in France. That day, she had lots more spare time on her hands, so she decided to explore for a bit. In the end, Genevieve ended up in front of a cosy-looking Tea Shop. As she looked through the window, she mostly saw couples in there, snogging or pretending to like each other when they really just wanted to go home and watch TV. It was a shame, because Genevieve liked breaking society's norms sometimes.

She walked in and ordered some herbal tea. "Lemon flavoured, please," she told the cashier, and then found a table in the corner to sit down it. Luckily, nobody bothered her about the seat, unlike the last time she came for some comfort in Hogsmeade, where a really rude girl basically harassed her for 'taking her seat'. Genevieve took a sip of her tea, which was still hot. So while she waited for it to be drink-able, she pulled out a simple German book, as she was quite new to the language. "Der Tisch," she murmured, flipping through the pages. "Das Fenster, die Tur, das Buch..." She was used to the pronunciation of words, it was the articles that mostly got to her mind.

Her 'studying' was interrupted when Genevieve heard someone loudly calling her name. As she looked up, she saw a familiar man bowing, with a beret in his hand. He was talking fast, with a french accent... something about ice-cream... "Mister, Mister Leblanc, am I correct?" she asked, surprised. "Ah, yes, I do remember! I 'ad gotten ze rainbow flavoured one!" Although it was almost two years ago, she somehow remembered it. Then, when Mister Leblanc asked to sit down next to her, Genevieve promptly moved over and said, "Yes, sure, sit down!"

Once they were both settled in their seats, Genevieve couldn't help but ask, "'Ow are you? Are you a Professor at 'Ogwarts, like you 'ad said zat you would be?" The last time they met, he had told her that he'd be an Arithmancy Professor so she was quite curious to see how it was working out for him.
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Per'aps some tea! (Genevieve)
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