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 A Dose of Medicine (Mo)

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A Dose of Medicine (Mo) Empty
PostSubject: A Dose of Medicine (Mo)   A Dose of Medicine (Mo) EmptyThu May 29, 2014 5:23 pm

Logan had been walking around all night, trying to figure out what medicines he lacked. The next morning would be one of those days a year when he got to go to St. Mungo's to stack up on more medicine on his own. Not sending any assistants to do it, or to owl the hospital itself. And he enjoyed this trip. Getting a few hours away from the school was always good. There were those students who really got on his nerves sometimes with their whining. Especially from already remedied quidditch injuries.

He sighed and noticed that he lacked a few bone juices. He also lacked some blood nourishment and stomach remedies. He noted them down. He also noted down some skele-gro on the list he would give professor Henley. And then he heard the three beats of the huge arm on the massive clock in the clocktower. Time to go to bed.

He woke early and instantly got ready. Four hours sleep wasn't delicious, and not really a good start on the day, but with the Hogwarts breakfast, it wasn't much stress. Bacon brought him happy thoughts and he made his way down the lane and to Hogsmeade station. And then he apparated to the hospital.

He was surprised at the sight in front of him. So many people...! Why? Had there been an accident. A woman rushed up to him. "Mr. Stark, welcome! Excuse the people, they are all photographers. There's apparently going to be a photo shoot at the roof of the hospital. They just don't seem to understand what direction the roof is in," she said, sounding a bit resigned by the crowd.

Logan could easily understand why. A hospital wasn't a place for photoshoots. It was a place for sick people and workers. This was stupid. "Why is it such a big deal?" he asked, sounding confused. "Well, apparently it's this famous model. So I think there's some freaking paparazzi's here as well," she said softly. Logan raised an eyebrow. The woman then started leading him down and to an elevator that brought him up. "I know the way from here," he said kindly, and she nodded. "Nice seeing you again, mr. Stark," she said, and Logan instantly felt bad. "Yes, you too!" he said with a big grin, not having any idea who the woman was. He was such a douche sometimes.

He continued down the corridor and then opened the door to the room with all the equipment he needed. And as the door shut behind him, he noticed another person in the room.
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Mo Jae Hwa

Mo Jae Hwa

Posts : 41
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A Dose of Medicine (Mo) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Dose of Medicine (Mo)   A Dose of Medicine (Mo) EmptyThu May 29, 2014 10:40 pm

Another photoshoot and for some reason, the paparazzi had figured out of it. A rather stupid thing. Why hadn't the agency hushed it down enough. Now it was going to get hard, not only to get in there, but for the ones already in there. Poor workers… Mo sighed and looked at the clock. Almost six. Why was he awake now anyways? It wasn't going to start before eleven!

And then Mo had the crazy idea. He jumped out of his bed and put on some random clothes (didn't matter much what he wore, he was going to change out of it either way) and slipped on his converse. He got out of the door and locked up his apartment. Now, for the secret escape. He went down into the parking lot below and got into a really old, rusty car, and he charmed himself into a normal looking blond person.

And then he was off. He was out the apartment soon, and the paparazzi that might be there was completely unaware of him. He smirked and drove off, the spell wearing off. And then he was parking, and he cast the spell again. He got out of the car and strolled casually down the lane, a camera with him. They would think he was one of the paparazzi. Hide in plain sight and all that.

He reached the entrance to the hospital and walked inside. Quite a few cameras pointed towards him. His heartbeat skipped. The charm had already worn off… But then they turned back again with soft groans. Mo smirked to himself, and walked towards the counter. A blonde woman was sitting behind it. "I'm going to the roof," Mo told her. She raised an eyebrow. "Only people with passes will get through," she said, annoyed, clearly tired of that question.

Mo sighed and showed her his pass. She looked at the picture. "Well, it's a good thing I'm blonde and stupid, because this doesn't look like you at all," she hissed, her patience wearing thin. Mo frowned and then shook his head. "I'm wearing a charm," he said and let it go. The woman blinked. And then she squealed. And Mo cursed. "There he is!" a paparazzi shouted. Mo gave the woman a pleading look and she looked guilty, but acted quickly.

"This way," she said and steered Mo down the hall, running to the elevators and got into one. She used her card for something fancy and then the elevator moved upwards. They stopped at some floor and she pointed to a door. "Use those stairs to go to the roof. But it's a bit chilly up there now. I suggest you stay here for now. Nothing dangerous on this floor," she said with a smile. "Thank you," Mo said solemnly and the girl blushed. She turned around and left again.

Mo looked around. He looked at the clock. It had only just turned seven? Well that was tedious… He sighed and walked around. And then he entered a random room. He probably shouldn't have, but he was so bored. After five minutes. How was he to survive? He sighed and walked further into the room. It was filled with bottles of stuff. Creams, liquids. Nothing dangerous here, the woman had said. Except for a drug addict. Sure, Mo wasn't one, but she hadn't known that! He could be the worst in the world for all she knew… Irresponsible.

He then misstepped and slipped on something and his head knocked against a board. And he was seeing stars, and he slid to the floor. He sighed and put a hand to the spot, bringing it before his eyes. Blood? Seriously? Well, the director would be angry with him. Oh well. It was the back of his skull. He could always get a healer to look at it. He was in a hospital.

But he decided against it as he felt his drowsiness working its way into his eyes. And he somehow found a comfortable position and fell asleep.

And woke up when someone opened the door. He blinked against the sudden light and frowned. How long had he slept for? And who was this shadow in the door. He frowned and went to get up, feeling dizzy doing so and stumbling a bit. But it was okay. "Hello," he said with a drowsy grimace and smile. He wondered what this guy would think of him. He might think he was a drug addict. In that case, it would be too late now.
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A Dose of Medicine (Mo) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Dose of Medicine (Mo)   A Dose of Medicine (Mo) EmptyWed Jun 18, 2014 7:20 pm

Logan raised his eyebrows and looked at the guy, that had obviously been sleeping, rising from the floor. He stumbled a bit and Logan took an automatic step closer, ready to catch him if he fell. But he seemed to regain his balance. Logan frowned and looked around. Was this guy a drug addict?

He looked like it. With his torn jeans and ragged hoodie. Logan took another step towards him. "Are you all right?" he asked warily. How had he gotten in here either way? Logan studied his eyes. He looked completely normal. Maybe he wasn't a drug addict then? Or maybe Logan had arrived in time.

Logan's hand reached into his pocket, his hand around the shaft of his wand, and gave a curious smile. "How did you get in here?" he asked. The guy had a pretty clean face, looking somewhat familiar, but Logan couldn't at all understand from where. Maybe he'd been a patient when Logan had been training to become a proper healer?
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Mo Jae Hwa

Mo Jae Hwa

Posts : 41
Join date : 2014-05-26

A Dose of Medicine (Mo) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Dose of Medicine (Mo)   A Dose of Medicine (Mo) EmptyWed Jul 23, 2014 10:54 pm

Mo noticed how the man in front of him seemed to be pretty wary of how to approach him. Mo frowned. Why would he? Then Mo remembered: he'd just been halfway asleep in a storage room where there was a lot of medicine, like addictive medicine. Mo had to cover up a smile. Drug addict… Was that what the guy in front of him thought?

"I'm all right. I hit the back of my head though," Mo said lightly, as if that was absolutely nothing, "Think I got a cut." He couldn't see much of the man's features due to the lighting behind the man, only casting shadows upon his face. But he didn't look particularly old. Perhaps in his late twenties to early thirties? Mo couldn't quite tell.

Mo shrugged and wondered what to say without sounding like a pompous sod. "A nurse put me on this floor, I explored it," he said, deciding not to mention anything about his reason for being here. He then raised his arms in a sort of a break-ish way. "Not a drug addict," he said with a smile, "Just a clutz."

He then noticed the man's clothing. "How about yourself? You don't seem to be a healer at this hospital yourself," he said, suddenly anxious that maybe this man was a drug addict, and that Mo had stepped on some sore toes.
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A Dose of Medicine (Mo) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Dose of Medicine (Mo)   A Dose of Medicine (Mo) EmptyWed Aug 20, 2014 5:30 pm

Logan raised an eyebrow, feeling the familiar sense of worry for the person, like he always did when he saw someone hurt or sick. It was almost a bother, but he supposed this was why he'd become a healer in the first place. He took a subconscious step forward, wanting to help him, but stopped himself from walking any further. He was about to ask if it hurt a lot, but refrained from it; he'd heard many times how naive he could be.

"A nurse?" he asked. Logan thought again. What floor was this? If it was a psych ward, it would explain a few things... And then he continued talking and Logan realized he was obviously overreacting. Of course he wasn't mentally disabled. "Aha, I see," Logan simply said and decided to give the man a smile in return.

Logan blinked and looked down at the blazer he was wearing and then back at the guy and then the room he was in. Ah... He could also be taken as a drug addict, couldn't he? Logan had to laugh. "I'm not. I'm the healer at Hogwarts," he explained lightly. He took pride in being the healer of Hogwarts. They only had one on the top, and it was Logan. Hogwarts, the greatest wizarding school, and he was their healer. He did indeed take pride in that, though not to an obnoxious extent.

He then remembered the cut that the guy had gotten. "As for being a healer, maybe I should check out that cut?" he asked, gesturing to the other man's head.
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A Dose of Medicine (Mo) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Dose of Medicine (Mo)   A Dose of Medicine (Mo) Empty

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A Dose of Medicine (Mo)
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