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 Cold Autumn Breeze (Closed)

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Jennifer Moss
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Cold Autumn Breeze (Closed) Empty
PostSubject: Cold Autumn Breeze (Closed)   Cold Autumn Breeze (Closed) EmptySun May 25, 2014 8:23 pm

Jen had apparated to Hogsmeade after work with the intention of drowning her sorrows in a few bottles of firewhiskey. It was cold outside, the breeze making her shiver. But only once she arrived did she realise that pregnant people weren't meant to drink. It was very annoying. Already, she was sick of this whole pregnancy thing.

Instead, she headed for the post office. She should probably write to her parents. It would be too awkward to actually talk to them in person. And her owl was ill. It looked like it was about to drop dead, so she didn't want to risk sending it off in case it died on the journey and the letter got lost.

That fat white owl in the corner of the post office would do. It certainly wouldn't die on the journey, anyway. Jennifer scribbled her name at the bottom of her letter, paid for the owl and sent it off to Leila and Liam's house. She really needed to buy another owl. Perhaps a trip to Diagon Alley was in order.

Jennifer walked out through the door and was about to grab some ice-cream or something when she bumped into someone. Usually, she'd glare at them and stalk off, but this wasn't usually. "I-I'm so-sorry," she said quietly, her lip trembling a little bit. There was so much wrong with her. And her life was like an eternal vortex of pain. That wasn't even being dramatic. Much.+

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Cold Autumn Breeze (Closed) FVJ0jyx
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Cold Autumn Breeze (Closed)
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