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 A New Home (Nina and Sarah)

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Aisha Khan

Aisha Khan

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A New Home (Nina and Sarah) Empty
PostSubject: A New Home (Nina and Sarah)   A New Home (Nina and Sarah) EmptySat Apr 26, 2014 4:39 pm

Everything had gone even better than hoped. After she’d taken Nina back to the home, it had only taken a few minutes for her to sign all of the necessary paperwork and officially adopt the twins. Sarah was a total sweetie and Aisha loved her immediately. It was a bit surprising how different to her sister she was, though. While the girls packed their bags, she had to wait downstairs. The children didn’t look at all happy and the atmosphere was depressing. She also noticed they looked skinny and underfed. Was this really how they were treated here? She almost wished she could adopt them all.

When Nina and Sarah came downstairs, she was relieved to be able to leave. She led them to the alleyway she’d apparated to before and grabbed their hands. Then, with a crack, they found themselves at her large house. On reflection, it may have been a better way to drive. Apparating without much warning could be rather horrible, after all. Especially the first time. And they were very young. Oh, she’d be a horrible mother if she didn’t think about these things.

Quickly, Aisha led the way to the front door, her large heels tapping against the floor, and unlocked it. When she stepped inside, she immediately took off her shoes. While she didn’t say anything to the twins, hopefully they’d get the message and take off theirs to avoid covering her shiny nice floor in dirt. “So… this is your new home!” she beamed. “Whirlwind tour?” Without waiting for an answer, she half ran forward.

“Living room,” she said, opening the door so they could get a glimpse. “Kitchen! Dining room!” were next. “Upstairs now? You can pick your rooms! And decorate them however you like!” This was going to be so much fuuuuuuun!
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A New Home (Nina and Sarah) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A New Home (Nina and Sarah)   A New Home (Nina and Sarah) EmptySat Apr 26, 2014 5:50 pm

Nina was glad to be out of there. It was terrible. Not enough beds, and they didn't get a full meal, sometimes they didn't even get one. She had only met one other person. She was older, if she was magical like her and Sarah, she would've been a sixth year she guessed. But she had been in the home ever since she was around her age.

Nina couldn't even stand to live there for the couple of weeks that they were, let alone a lot of YEARS. But this girl looked out for her and Sarah. She brought them bread from the kitchens when everybody was a sleep, and stuck up for them when a fight was about to break loose. She owed Nina her life.

Maybe that was a little bit of an exaggeration, but she owed the girl a lot. So, when Aisha had officially signed the paper work and they were out of there, she promised the girl that she would send them updates about how they were doing as she kind of took them under her wing.

When she had gone back to the home with Aisha and some chocolate cake for Sarah, and told her what was happening, Sarah was instantly over joyed. She got along with Aisha very well. So, Nina knew that this was the right choice. She didn't want to stay in the home, even if it meant leaving the girl who had saved their lives.

When Aisha finally took them behind the alleyway, she wasn't expecting to be sucked into a tiny tube. She didn't know what they were doing was called, but she didn't like it one bit. When they arrived at their new house, she felt a little woozy, but got over it fast. She saw Aisha take off her shoes at the door, and her and Sarah followed suit.

Aisha gave them a tour of their new home. She told them that they could have their own rooms, and decorate them how ever they wanted. Nina's favorite colors happened to be red and gold like Gryffindor. Even though Aisha had said she was a Slytherin, she hoped she didn't mind her choosing Gryffindor colors. She didn't know what Sarah would chose. Sarah's favorite color used to be purple. She honestly didn't know anymore, which made her sad.

Nina looked around their new home. Sure it would take some time to get used to, but she loved it all the same. And she remembered at lunch that Aisha had a field to play Quidditch on! That was probably her favorite part! She couldn't wait to see what life had in store for her and Sarah now. She was thrilled.
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A New Home (Nina and Sarah)
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