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 You've Got a Friend in Me (Oliver)

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Phineas Button


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PostSubject: You've Got a Friend in Me (Oliver)   Thu Apr 03, 2014 3:31 am

Why did Isabella send her here? She didn't know anybody... Her parents didn't go here, they were muggles. So WHY ON EARTH WAS SHE HERE? She still didn't fully understand anything about this magical world that she supposedly belonged to. Apparently Isabella was apart of it as well, so that helped a little bit, but she still didn't really want to be apart of it either.

She sat under the giant clock. She liked the clock. She found the ticking noises to be comforting. When everybody was being quiet, this was the one place she could go to were she could be around noise without making a lot and making people mad. She liked this place, and the owlery. She spent sometimes hours in there as well after sending a lengthy paragraph to Isabella.

Mercy still felt hatred in her towards her parents. They had abandoned her and left her with Isabella. She loved her nanny (now mother) like a real mother, but she still didn't understand why her real mother simply handed her off like a sack of potatoes to Isabella. So, as a result to try and gain back her mothers love, she changed. Completely. Instead of being the shy and awkward girl she was several months ago when she found out what she was, she became the outgoing, bratty self that she is now.

As she sat by the clock tower, she twirled a finger in her newly styled blond hair, and tried to think of something smart ellecy to write to Isabella. She didn't like to be a snot to her, but she thought that maybe if Isabella didn't want her anymore, she'd write to her mother and tell her, then they would come and get her. Her evil plan was a long shot, but she hoped it would work. Yes, she loved Isabella, but all she wanted were her parents and for her life to get back on the right track.

She hadn't made any friends in this place, and she had been placed in a house that she didn't particularly want to be in. She thought that she should've been in Slytherin or something, but by looking at herself several months ago, she could see why the sorting hat placed her were she was. She only hoped that things got better and she could make some friends.
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Oliver Bennett
Head Boy
Head Boy

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PostSubject: Re: You've Got a Friend in Me (Oliver)   Sun Apr 06, 2014 8:13 pm

It was a beautiful day. No, it was a gorgeous day. Yes. "Gorgeous" was a special word for Oliver, as he never used it unless it was strictly necessary and true. For example, he often called his mother "gorgeous" because that's what she was. She was a gorgeous woman. He also called his grandmother that, because that's what she was. And he used it to describe diffident things, such as a super cute puppy or a very awesome tree, or a rock he'd found on the street. As long as he could use such a special word on such a special situation, it was okay. And today was one of those days in which the sky was blue and the breeze was cool and the grass was almost back to it's green shade. Not to mention that the people outside were having fun! Today was a gorgeous day. Yes.

Oliver watched it all from the Hufflepuff windows. So to make himself less anxious, he finally decided to jump from his comfortable bed and head out to enjoy the weather. He no longer ran down the corridors like an airplane after a Slytherin student had made fun of him, but he did do it when he was in his common room. Other Hufflepuffs, it turned out, were just as weird as he was. "Good morning!" he greeted some of the older Badgers when he passed by them on his way out. Oliver traveled all the way out to courtyard. He was happy to have such wonderful weather, so he wasn't really heading anywhere in specific. He just let his feet take him wherever they wanted!

Soon enough, he was standing right in front of the clock tower. Well, this should be fun! Oliver's thoughts raced with all the possible games he could play in the tower. For one, it was huge, so it would do well as a massive fort to hide from pirates or a giant ninja with an obsession for purple tracksuits. Without even thinking about it, Oliver spread out his arms again and ran up the steps. He was the fastest airplane there ever was, and he was about to battle some magical being or something along those lines. Oliver just couldn't wait to see it! It wasn't long before he made it to the door, and he suddenly stopped. What if there was something so dangerously cool waiting for him to open the door and attack? What if there were many little whomping willows behind that door? Hell, no.

He hesitated to open the door, but the he realized he had just used the word HELL. With sweaty palms, Oliver mentally apologized to his mother for using such a putrid word and promised himself to never use it again. Nevertheless, having forgotten all about whomping willows, he swung the door open and scanned the room. His eyes finally caught sight of a blonde girl, probably around his own age, so he smiled at her. "Hello!" He realized his voice had gotten high again, it usually did when he greeted people, so he simply put on a more serious face and tried again. "Hi, I'm Oliver! I hope you don't mind me taking up some of the space in the tower. "
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You've Got a Friend in Me (Oliver)
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