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 [Application] - Kim Frey

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Kim Frey

Posts : 294
Join date : 2012-05-16

My Character
Activity: Slytherin - Year 3, Radio Worker

PostSubject: [Application] - Kim Frey   Tue Jul 31, 2012 12:13 am

Your Name: Kim Frey

Your Character Age: 11

Jobs you are applying for: Radio Worker

Any experience in this field: Yes

Why you have chose this job: I always want to have a job inside the wizarding radio

How active you are on the forum? Quite Active

Why do you think you deserve this job? I am pretty great at this

A High Quality RPG Example (any situation-minimum 300 words):
Being a muggle-born, her parents hardly earn galleons for her to spend. There might be some muggle money exchangers but they have never been to Diagon Alley, much more than Hogsmeade. This time, Kim was on her own to find a way and earn some, just, at least, to support herself financially and to be able to buy some things she wants.

Kim saw a wanted poster for a job in the radio. It has always been part of her dream to be able to work on the field like some journalist in the muggle world. Though, she never thought that she can have a possibility to achieve it in the magical world where she is right now.

She immediately went to the station and asked for some requirements. Fortunately, her age was not a problem at all. It was open to all, even to students like her. Afternoon came, she finished everything as instructed and she was pretty confident on what she did. She does hope that she will be accepted on the first job she had ever applied for.

"Ms. Kim Frey, for the job of working with us?" a girl asked who came from the studio of the recently ended radio show. Kim stood up from the bench where she kept waiting for that announcement. She don't know what to expect in the interview, knowing that at this point, she is alone and there is no one available to support her.

She entered the room where many old-fashioned microphones are available to be used, papers are scattered everywhere and office supplies can be seen on the right side of the fluffy black chair. This is where radio commentators sit during the whole time of their own program. "Right now, we have an available time and space for a radio show. We have printed a lot of wanted signs and brochures but you are the only one who answered our call. Well, if it is okay for you, at least for now, you will be working as a radio commentator on your own radio show."


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James Riddle

Posts : 1031
Join date : 2012-05-14
Age : 26

My Character
Activity: Adult

PostSubject: Re: [Application] - Kim Frey   Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:18 am

Thank you for Applying - Accepted
You were registered as a radio worker. Don't forget to read the Students Rule Book to find out more about how to get your monthly salary. Thank you and enjoy your job.
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[Application] - Kim Frey
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