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 Miles Chance Raleigh

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Miles Raleigh

Miles Raleigh

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My Character

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PostSubject: Miles Chance Raleigh   Miles Chance Raleigh EmptyFri Dec 27, 2013 10:24 pm


Character name: Miles Chance Raleigh
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 1st
Age: Twenty-One

Blood status (Pure-Blood, Muggle-born or Half-blood: Half-Blood
Ethnicity/nationality: Australian
Place of birth/residence: Sydney, Australia

Education (what school did you character go to): Hogwarts
Former House (if you went to Hogwarts): Gryffindor
What job are you planning to get?(please just type a “ - “ if you are not sure yet): -


Family background and description (Not too detailed but do not make it short):

Mother - Janice - Living - Halfblood
Father - Greg - Deceased - Muggle
Brother - Brice - Deceased - Halfblood
Brother - Logan - Deceased - Halfblood

Miles had abusive parents who cared nothing for their children. One day that was particularly worse then the others his father beat him close to death. Child services were called and his parents were sent to prison. Miles and his two brothers Logan and Brice went sent to a foster home. One day when him and his brothers went on a trip they got into an accident. Miles barely survived but his brothers never made it. Miles never forgave himself thinking he could have prevented it.

Personal history (what happened to your character until his current age, at least a paragraph about this, also this section requires to be constantly updated): Miles and his brothers were sent into foster care before they ever found out they were wizards. Once they found out they were over excited. Their foster parents were scared at first but eventually grew accustomed to it. They were sorted into various houses and Miles was Gryffindor. In his sixth year he got into an accident and his brothers died. He graduated and then moved on his own. At this point he has no idea what to do with his life.


Physical Appearance (what your character looks like: this will help others visualize him or her while role-playing):

Tall and swimmers body. Pierced ear. Short shaggy brownish hair. Green eyes. Tattoo of his brothers names on angel wings on right upper arm. Scar runs down abdomen from accident.

Personality (strengths, weaknesses, traits, flaws, interests, what does he or she love? hate? write a bit about each)

Miles has perfect vision and great climbing abilities the has taken several karate classes so he has quick reflexes. He has a problem with his abdomen. He is still recovering from the accident and takes medication/potions for it. He has a weakness when people talk about his family. He hates the sight of blood and it makes him sick. He likes warm days out and fun days in the snow. He likes to read and write. He hates rainy days and loves to eat. He has had a boyfriend but has trouble finding someone right.

Boggart (your character's greatest fear): Water/Drowning
Mirror of Erised (your character's greatest wish): To have his brothers back.
Patronus (the form your character's Patronus takes): Siberian Husky
Amortentia (what the potion would smell like for your character, meaning what he or she finds most attractive): Butterscotch, Freshly cut grass, Bonfires,

Additional information (anything else you want to add about your character):

Miles is gay but he has always found people accepting. He wants to get his writing published. He hates being alone so he tries his hardest to surround himself with friends.

How you found the forum: Looked up HP roleplay sites up on Forumotion.
Role-play example (at least 100 words). Role-play as your character in any situation you want.

Miles stood in the cemetery looking at the graves of his brothers. He still couldn't forgive himself. It was all his fault they were gone and he was here. His two little brothers. Logan. Such sweet kid. He remembered the time he had rode that Hippogryff. He had loved it so much. Then there was Brice. Such a rebellious kid. He was always doing something stupid that would get him into trouble.

Tears streamed down his face as he watched their graves. Willing them to be alive again. It hurt so much now that they were gone. He laid a toy car on Logans grave and a stuffed animal wolf on Brices.

He stood and with one last glance left the cemetery. It wasn't fair. It just wasn't
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Miles Chance Raleigh
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