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 [Professor App] - Ylenia Fenech

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PostSubject: [Professor App] - Ylenia Fenech   Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:48 pm

Your Full Name: Ylenia Fenech

School where you graduated (Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, ...): Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Subject you are applying for: Charms

Why do you want to become a professor? I wish to pass on my knowledge on to the students who wish to learn.

Why you have chosen this subject? Charms was my favourite subject back when I was a student and it is what I am best at.

Have you applied for any professions yet? No.

Will you be able to post 1 to 2 lessons/month minimum? Yes.

Do you have any previous experience in this field? Charms, yes. Teaching, no, not really but I can learn.

Role Playing Example(minimum 350 words ; Describe teaching your first class)

The bell rang, and a second later students started pouring into the class. Ylenia was standing behind the teacher's desk, watching everyone take their seats. It was her first class and she was really nervous- although she didn't show it. She was hoping to make a good impression- she didn't want to be one of those really strict teachers, nor did she want to be one of those "too kind" teachers. Most students were looking up at her with curious glances while a few others, at the back, weren't really paying attention. Ylenia sighed to herself.

"Hello students," she said, her voice loud. "My name is Professor Fenech." She honestly hated that surname because it meant 'rabbit' in Maltese. Ylenia wrote her name on the left corner of the board. Then, out of nowhere, she clapped her hands, getting everyone's attention. "You in the back, pay attention before I give you all a surprise quiz!" she exclaimed. Everyone now seemed scared and paying more attention, which was the Professor's intention.

"Today we will be learning the levitation charm," Professor Fenech began, writing "Levitation Charm" in the middle of the board. "Do any of you know what it is?" She looked around, and a student raised their hand.

"Well, by the name of the spell, I'm guessing it's a charm to make things levitate," the student answered.

"Very good," the Professor smiled. "The Levitation Charm is indeed a spell used to make objects fly." She flicked her wand and the writing on the board was replace by a picture.


"Now, the spell was first used by a warlock called Jarleth Hobart in 1544," Ylenia said. "He mistakenly believed that he had at last succeeded in doing what wizardkind had so far failed to do, and learnt to fly. In 1544, Hobart invited a large crowd of wizards, among which was the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, to witness his "maiden flight" — a public demonstration of his own revolutionary charm on himself. He climbed onto the roof of his local church and, after several speeches and a rousing performance of the national anthem he leapt and, having cast the spell, was left hovering in mid-air. At first, he seemed to have succeeded but, after having spent nearly three minutes watching him hanging in mid-air, the crowd grew impatient to see him move somewhere, and booed him."

A few students were already growing bored of the speech, to which Professor Fenech exclaimed, "You might want to pay more attention, this will be in your final exam."

"Now, where was I?" she said. "Oh, yes, Hobart got booed because he didn't manage to move. Now, in response to the catcalls, Hobart tried to move in mid-air, and started performing vigorous swimming movements, which produced no effect. Mistakingly believing that his clothes were making him heavier and impeding his movement, Hobart stripped thus making him fall ten feet onto the ground below, as it were the clothes that were holding him up in the air — they had been charmed by the Levitation Charm, not Hobart himself. He fell completely naked on the ground, breaking sixteen bones, and went on the receive a fine for outrageous silliness from the Chief Warlock."

Some laughter from the students was heard. Professor Fenech smiled a bit and continued, "Hobart returned home, humiliated, where he realised that his spell could make objects levitate for varying lengths of time, depending on the skill of the spellcaster and on the weight of the object. He also concluded that small animals or even children could be levitated, but that they had no control whatsoever of their movement once airbourne."

The students were now paying more attention, wondering how the story was going to end.

"After his conclusion, he thus made a second announcement, and an even larger crowd gathered to see his second demonstration of the spell, hoping for another laugh at his expense. Hobart's demonstration was, at first, by far more successful than the first one: he showed the onlookers how he could easily levitate objects ranging from small rocks to fallen trees. Hobart decided that, for a finale, he would levitate the Chief Warlock's hat — what he managed to levitate, however, was the Chief's wig, exposing his bald head to the gathered crowd. The Chief was not amused, and was determined to duel Hobart, but the Warlock levitated the Chief's robes over his head, and ran for it."

She flicked her wand and the picture vanished. The whole class laughed and some students were discussing the story between themselves. "Now, what did you learn from this story?" Professor Fenech asked.

"That the Charm enables you to lift objects heavier than a normal person would be able to carry," one student said.

"The spell will cause the objects, which the spell is used on, to hover for varying lengths of time, depending on their weight, and the skill of the spellcaster," another one replied.

"The Levitation Charm cannot be used on human beings- only on their clothes," another student said.

"Very good!" Ylenia said. "Five points to each of you!" She checked her watch. "We have fifteen minutes left." A few protests rose up from the students. "Don't worry, I have planned this lesson well, we have more than enough time for the last part of this lesson."

From out of her desk drawers, she took out a box full of feathers and walked around, handing a feather to every student. When every student had a feather on their table, she said, "Alright, take out your wands." Ylenia took out her own wand, too.

"Now, watch me," she said and pointed her wand towards her desk. "Wingardium Leviosa." she uttered the spell, doing the swish and flick without any effort and suddenly, her desk began to levitate. Claps. The students clapped. Ylenia smiled and watched her desk float back down. Then she turned to the rest of the class.

"The incantation is Wingardium Leviosa," she said, and with a flick of her wand, what she said appeared in writing on the board. "Put pressure on the GAR and O. And you must remember the swish and flick." Ylenia demonstrated the swish and flick herself and watched everyone else try it. "Alright, now please try the spell on your feathers."

Soon enough, the whole room was filled with different voices uttering the incantation and the sounds of swishing and flicking wands. Professor Fenech walked around the room, correcting students' work and praising those who managed to lift their feathers. At least half the class had managed to make their feathers float when Ylenia checked her watch.

"Okay students!" she exclaimed. "Enough feather-floating! Wands away! We have five minutes left and I need to finish this lesson or I will make sure that you are late for your next class!" The students obeyed and hastily put their wands away.

"Now," Professor Fenech concluded the lesson. "Your homework is to practise the charm. Master it on the lightest things you can find, quills, papers, and such. Then continue practising it on other heaver objects." Some students were already shrugging and packing. "That's not all. I want a hundred-word essay on the Levitation Charm and its' variations. That is all." She nodded and then the bell rang.

Professor Fenech was the first out of the classroom.
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[Professor App] - Ylenia Fenech
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