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 Ministry of Magic App

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Mordred Gaunt


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My Character
Activity: Head of Department of Mysteries

PostSubject: Ministry of Magic App   Wed May 22, 2013 12:08 am

First and Last Name: Mordred Gaunt

Age: 29

School attended (Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, ...): Hogwarts

Favourite Subjects he/she studied:
Defense Against the Dark Arts

Department you want to work for: Department of Mysteries

Job you are applying for (if the department you chose offers more than one job): Unspeakable

Why did you choose that job? I chose this job because I can handle it. I work a lot with research and I am very good at keeping secrets, and my loyalty lies where my loyalty is. I enjoy working with chemistry and things most people have yet to understand.

Why should we choose you? Because I am trustworthy. This I can say with certainty, because I do not have or need the luxury of friendship. In other words, there is no one I would have any interest in to tell of my findings, except those who are entitled to it, namely the Ministry itself. I work very well with research and my strongest subject is that of time travel. I have worked with that for many years and I intend to make time travel much safer, much more advanced, and more durable. This especially applied for Time Turners.  

Do you have any previous experience in that field? Research is my experience and I have worked in a laboratory where we researched stars. This has made me realize that stars might be the key to all time travels. The magic of a star is unprecedented and  solid, therefore, if one can harness its energy, it would make time travels much safer. This is my experience, and I think it is a very useful experience. Also, I have learned a great deal from Dark Arts. I have not practiced it myself, and I know no one who has, but to understand the past is not just about defense. It is not only about good. One needs to realize evil before everything can be safe.

Would you also like to be considered for the Head of Department position?* I would. I believe I can keep control and order over such a facility.

What are the qualities and defects of your character? I am a hard worker and little, if anything at all, can take my attention away from my work. My research throughout the years have been without serious consequences and I know my reach of magic better than most people know their own. My defects is not my own, but how people might see me. My ancestry isn't something people trust in, and I wish for you not to judge me by it. I know well enough the story of my own blood. Also, people might see me as very straight forward. I don't sugarcoat what I say, and it can come out as harsh, rude even. It is not my intent to bring people down or to make them think that I do not respect them. It is a mere fault in my own character, not anyone else's.

Any other Information:

Role playing example (minimum 300 words - any situation where you are performing the job you are applying for):

Mordred walked into the Ministry. He was early, as usual. He looked as much straight forward as he could, not comfortable in a big crowd. But the people he met, he gave a nod, feeling pretty stiff for doing so. But he knew that people took  it as a sign of respect and friendliness. He entered the elevator, and was of course not alone. A conversation between some people started and he looked straight ahead, trying to not listen in or give any means of showing them that he wanted to partake in the conversation. But when they started to speak of the Lost Library, he frowned and looked at them.

"You've heard of it too, then?" one of the women looking at him asked. Mordred sighed inwardly, but gave a pleasant nod to the woman. "Yes, I have indeed. It would be most interesting to find this Library. I am sure it would tell us a lot," he said kindly, and turned away, trying to show that he was done with the conversation in a friendly manner. "Oh, indeed," the woman replied. Mordred turned halfway and gave her a smile and turned back again. The elevator stopped several times, and he was alone when it hit rock bottom. He exited the elevator and walked down the hall, taking a turn there and a turn here. Then he was standing in front of the big black door that was the entrance to the Department of Mysteries.

He entered and drew his wand, muttering a spell made for all the Unspeakables that only they, the Minister and the Heads of Departments knew. It lead Mordred through the far right door, and he continued on and into the Unspeakables laboratory. He sat down on his usual spot and pulled forth his papers, looking into the scribbles, finding where he left of, and turned to the chemicals in front of him. He then started dutifully working with time travel and how to make the duration of a Time Turner go further back without damaging a human body.

(OOC: I just made up the thing with the spell for the Unspeakables to find their way through the Department. I don't know where the office is, so I figured I could simply make something up. Sorry if it was out of place!)

Accepted: Welcome to the Ministry of Magic.
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Ministry of Magic App
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