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 [Application] - Other Jobs (Ollivanders Wand Shop)

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James Riddle

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PostSubject: [Application] - Other Jobs (Ollivanders Wand Shop)   Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:32 am

Your Name: James Riddle

Your Character Age: 11

Jobs you are applying for: Ollivanders Wand Shop

Any experience in this field: No

Why you have chose this job: Because I am fascinated by wandlore and I want to find out more about wands.

How active you are on the forum?: Very active

Why do you think you deserve this job?: I think I deserve it because I'm ward-working and truly fascinated by everything surrounding this job.

A High Quality RPG Example (any situation-minimum 300 words):

James pushed the door leading to Ollivanders Wand Shop, and slowly entered. He glanced around the tiny room, examining the thousands of narrow boxes piled all the way to the ceiling. The store was apparently empty. "Mr. Ollivander?" he called with an insecure voice. Obtaining no answer, he calmly approached the counter while observing the shelves. There seemed to be a layer of dust on them, as if the place hadn't been cleaned for quite a long time. Suddenly, James heard a door opening on his right and, the next moment, he was facing an old man, with long disordered white hear, and a big bushy beard. James was surprised to see him so exhausted, and felt worried for him and his health. "Ah, you're here, James", said Mr.Ollivander, unsuccessfully trying to hide the tiredness in his voice. "Well, you know what you have to do." he affirmed while heading back to the room from which he had come. "And please don't bother me unless it's really important" he added just before disappearing. "Yes, Sir" James quickly answered.

Once alone, he walked around the place, trying to learn more about the numerous wands contained in the shop, while waiting for his first costumer. After some time, he heard someone coming in. "Good afternoon" he said, politely smiling, while glancing at the young girl and the woman, most likely her mother, who just entered. The girl, around James' age, smiled back, but the mother, apparently surprised, looked at him condescendingly and asked: "Who are you? Where's Ollivander?". "Mr Ollivander is not feeling really well. I'm his assistant, and I'm here to help you with whatever you need", he answered, slightly intimidated. After checking her watch, the woman, obviously in a hurry, headed towards the single chair in the corner of the store and said: "Whatever, just be quick. Yes, he's obviously lost it if he lets some random little boy take care of such an important task". Relieved he didn't have to argue with her, James turned his attention to the girl, decided not to answer to the provocation.

Just after getting the job, Mr Ollivander explained him how it was the wand that chooses the wizard, searching for a wizard or witch with a similar character to its own, and that in most cases one would have to try different wands before finding the right one. Having that in mind, James chose a box, opened it, and handed the wand to the girl. “Here, try this one, Veela Hair, 9’’, made of ash, inflexible.” As soon as the girl waved it, a dozen of boxes flew out of their shelves, violently hitting James. “I’m so sorry” the girl apologized immediately. “It’s nothing” replied James quickly tacking back the wand. Trying not to look at the mother, he took another wand, hoping this one will fit her better. After repeating the experiment, James felt content. It still wasn’t the right one, but the damage done was much less significant. We’re getting closer, he thought. For the third time, he chose a wand, pretty sure this was the right one. “I think this is the one. Unicorn Hair, 8 1/2 “, rosewood, quite supple”. The moment the girl gave it a wave, James watched, fascinated, as a jet of red sparks went out of its extremity. “Wow, it feels so amazing” she said, amazed, “Did you see this, Mom?”. James glanced the mother: she was apparently stunned that he succeeded in such short notice. Noticing his look, she immediately hid her surprise, got up, left several gold coins on the counter and headed towards the exit. “Come on, Jenny, we have other things to do” she said furiously. “Thank you” Jenny whispered before following her mother.

After they left, James went back to contemplating the content of the shop. Although he was satisfied, he couldn't help feeling that he got lucky this time and promised himself to learn everything he could about the fascinating world of wands.

Thank you for Applying - Accepted
You were registered as a worker at Ollivanders Wand Shop. Don't forget to read the Students Rule Book to find out more about how to get your monthly salary. Thank you and enjoy your job.
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[Application] - Other Jobs (Ollivanders Wand Shop)
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