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 Professor Application - Katerina Petrova

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Caroline Forbes

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Activity: Adult, Charms and Potions Professor, Head of Hufflepuff House

PostSubject: Professor Application - Katerina Petrova   Tue May 14, 2013 7:43 am

Your Full Name: Katerina Petrova.

School where you graduated (Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, ...): Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Subject you are applying for: Charms.

Why do you want to become a professor?: To teach the youngsters of my knowledge.

Why you have chosen this subject?: I have taken a liking to Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration and Muggle Studies, I prefer Charms over Muggle Studies so I've chosen Charms.

Have you applied for any professions yet?: No I have not though I will look into it.

Will you be able to post 1 to 2 lessons/month minimum?: One to two lessons per month? Pff OF COURSE! I can do thirty plus as long as my students are active.

Do you have any previous experience in this field?: Not much no though I do know quite a lot about charms, hexes/jinxes and curses.

Role Playing Example(minimum 350 words; Describe teaching your first class): Katerina slams the doors to the side with enough force to believe they have been slammed across the room, attempting to create an entrance but worries about how much damage she has done, going back to her innocent self. "Good morning class, I am Katerina Petrova, your new Charms teacher. You may call me Professor Petrova or if you'd like you may call me Miss Petrova, if you cannot pronounce that properly, feel free to call me Miss P". She says with a brightening smile. "I am new to you and you are new to me, as I ask questions I'd like you to raise your hand if you have an answer. If I point to you or give an indication for you to speak you may do so as you put down your hand, since I don't know all of you I'd appreciate it if when you are allowed to speak, you say your answer and then tell me your name afterwards, okay?" Katerina says in an announcing of sort voice, waiting for a reply then cutting back in with "Okay.". "Well since all of that is out of the way, we shall begin, can anybody tell me what the charm 'Aguamenti' does?" Bob raises his hand and Professor Petrova permits him to talk, listening to him say the correct answer she then applauds him and nods. "Correct! The spell 'Aguamenti' does conjure water! Can anybody tell me the motion of this spell?" Nobody happens to know the answer so nobody raises their hand. "Nobody? Well then I guess you should get your book out and open up to page 2. On your page you will see the spell 'Aguamenti'" She says as she continues "This spells wand motion is a flick of the wand and you pronounce it 'AGUA-men-ti', could you all say that please, 'AGUA-men-ti'" The class repeats the incantation and Professor Petrova continues with the class. "Would anyone like to come up the front and preform the charm?" One of the students raise their hand and Katerina permits them to come up the front. "Yes dear, up you come." The student arrives at the front of the classroom and Miss Petrova reminds him of how to preform the spell. "Remember to pronounce it clearly, 'AGUA-men-ti' and just flick your wand." She conjures a goblet in front of the child so that he can conjure water into it. "Aim at the goblet, flick your wand and say the incantation 'Aguamenti'. The student preforms the spell correctly, Professor Katerina Petrova smiles, claps and directs him back to his seat.

Thank you for applying.
Your application has been - accepted. You are now the Charms teacher. Welcome to LTM! Don't forget to read all the rules.
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Professor Application - Katerina Petrova
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