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 Healer Connington (Roger Connington)

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PostSubject: Healer Connington (Roger Connington)   Healer Connington (Roger Connington) EmptySat Apr 20, 2013 3:21 pm

I know you said it's not available yet, but I want the title at least. I won't rp as a healer until it's available, but please let me have this job as is.

Your Name: Healer

Your Character Age: 27 years old

Jobs you are applying for: Healer

Any experience in this field:
Potions Proficiency
- Potion Making. By the book Potions specialist. Firm and sure hand in brewing.
- Herb, Substance and Ingredient Identification. Familiarity spans through all Ministry-mandated academe ingredients and European flora and fauna.

- Healing. Expertise includes diagnostic and identification spells, anesthetic, suspension and stasis spells, disinfecting spells, cauterizing spells, purging spells, knitting and suture spells and wound regeneration spells.
- Transfigurations. Transformation, vanishment and conjuration.
- Charms. All basic and N.E.W.T.-level charms, including but not limited to temperature and elemental charms, force charms (severing, gouging, cutting etc.), and cleaning charms.
- Defense Against the Dark Arts. Knowledge in most known curses and hexes, and their corresponding treatment.

Why you have chosen this job:
There was one time that changed Roger's very vast and limitless view of the world. That one time, Roger had climbed up a tree, trying to catch a bird. Suddenly, a gust came in and he lost his footing, sending him plummeting down onto the hard ground. He broke a leg and crushed the bird, and it took most of the day before his mother found him, crying. His mother, a Healer in training, fixed his broken leg right there, and assured him of the little bird's fate.

From then on, he'd developed a very specific view on the fragility of life, and a less vivacious, more careful personality.

He decided to become a healer after graduating, going for training at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

How active you are on the forum? 9/10

Why do you think you deserve this job? Because I begged for it. And my character profile's great for the job.

A High Quality RPG Example (any situation-minimum 300 words):

Roger was eerily calm as he Vanished a shard of glass deeply lodged in the woman's stomach. She groaned, barely lucid. Roger had already administered a Calming Draught, and had already suspended the wounded area. The rest of the woman's body was in a semi-suspended form of stasis.

A diagnostic spell later and damage to the intestines was found. Roger shook his head.
Not good. Brandishing his wand, he anesthetized the area and used a coagulation charm on the deep gouge. He then fired a disinfectant spell to be sure. Hospital premises were sterilized, but Roger always liked to make sure--down at Africa, you can never be too sure about sterilization, so why not at St. Mungo's.

Back to work. Using a siphoning spell so he could see the damage, he slowly set off to work with the intricate delicacies of micro-knitting the intestine wall. It was tedious and time-consuming--Roger was barely equipped, but then again Mediwizards need only their wand. He was with no one. It was in the middle of the night, and he was called in due to shorthandedness. Roger didn't mind. If it was about saving lives, he didn't mind losing sleep.

A full half-hour later and the intestines had been restored. He used magic to reconnect cell performance, and then cauterized and healed the inner organ in succession. Wiping his forehead with his sleeve, he then proceeded with a suture on the large wound. This one didn't require magic. It was work, and Roger, oddly enough ached for some suture work.

He sighed when he closed her up. What a poor woman, caught between the warring factions. Roger wasn't particularly interested in the politics of the wizarding world, but witches and wizards being split open by large shrapnel was his concern.

You are now Hogwarts' new healer.
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Healer Connington (Roger Connington)
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